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Manhattan Condo Garages: Utilitarian Space, Polished Design

443 Greenwich Street New Construction with Luxury Parking Garage

Rendering of 443 Greenwich Street's elegant parking garage.

15 Renwick – the new condo in Hudson Square with a unique marketing cast of steampunk and Victorian characters – will soon release its super-limited parking spaces to the market, and each of the three slots in the 1,000 square foot garage is expected to sell for a cool $1 million.

Building Doormen Go the Extra Mile This Holiday Season

New York luxury apartment doorman

Apartment hunters in New York City are known to look at a lot of things before committing to a home in the city. They want the extravagant spaces, they want the gorgeous views, they want the latest in technology—their apartments must have it all. But besides the features of their homes, Manhattan’s home-hunters are also keen to know about the building amenities they will be treated to: these can range from something as flashy as a rooftop club room to the relatively less-publicized services of a full-time doorman. However, doormen are a very important and useful amenity to have in a building—especially during the holiday season.

Impressive Sales Shine at 18 Gramercy Park South

18 Gramercy Park South showing impressive sales

How do you follow up to a building as successful as 15 Central Park West? That was the uppermost question on everyone’s minds when the developer-architect team of William Lie Zeckendorf, Arthur Zeckendorf and Robert A.M. Stern began converting the Parkside Evangeline hotel at 18 Gramercy Park South into a luxury condominium. Previously owned by the Salvation Army, the building erected in 1927 was, at one time, a dorm-like residence for young women. Real estate followers knew that the building would need a dramatic makeover to make it conform to the luxury living standards of Manhattan.

Call in the Professionals: Luxury Amenties Now Include Organized Events

In A wine tasting event at a luxury condominium in New York Citytheory, newly constructed luxury condos in Manhattan have it all. Fitness-centers, roof-decks, yoga-studios, bowling alleys, pet spas; they really might as well be cruise ships. In reality, residents aren’t impressed. In many buildings these luxurious features just haven’t taken, and most of the time these rooms are more or less empty. Developers have been taken aback by the fact that providing extensive amenities packages in their luxury condos, and hence a new kind of lifestyle, isn't enough. So in response to this predicament, building managers are stepping up their game and hiring professional instructors, organizers, and “lifestyle managers” to provide programming for residents. Early results are encouraing: people are finally coming out of their apartments in order to participate in organized events.

Pre-War Co-ops: It’s About to Get Buff in Here

On-site fitness center in luxury Manhattan condos
Pre-war condominiums in Manhattan are filled with luxury and elegance. However, there is one thing that many of these buildings don’t have: a gym. With so many new construction condominiums featuring state-of-the-art fitness centers on-site, the stately pre-war co-ops and condominiums have seemingly been stuck in the past. With a on-site gym high on buyers wish lists, some pre-war co-ops have begun to take notice.Even with many fitness centers located in Manhattan, buyers are looking for gyms in their own buildings as a matter of convenience. Some residents like to get up early to work out and don’t want to have to walk blocks away or even take the subway at 5 am. Others don’t want to brave through the winter weather in their work out clothes to get to the gym. Having a gym within their own building also means that residents have a more private workout space and the easy trip, often just down the elevator, provides an incentive to hit the gym.

A Yard in the Sky: New York Times on the Terrace as a Must-Have New Condo Amenity

From the beginning of the last NYC condominium boom up to today, Manhattan condos have been locked in a strange and occasionally silly sort of arms race.New York City Luxury Condos Upper East Side with Terace It's not one that puts anybody's lives at risk, thankfully -- this sort of arms race pertains mainly to amenities, and which condominium can have the biggest and best extras to go along with those condos for sale. It makes a certain type of sense, given that there are only so many ways that one luxury condominium for sale can differ from another luxury condominium for sale. And so we get the spectacle of The Aldyn with its 40,000-square-foot fitness center and the Cipriani Club Residences' 20,000-volume library and 20 Pine's private subway entrance. These are all nice things to have in a condominium, of course, which is why the aforementioned rank among the most popular Manhattan condo listings at New Construction Manhattan. But the appeal of those elaborate amenities is a bit more abstract than the simple joys of one of Manhattan's rarest and most sought-after amenities -- a private terrace.

My Own Private Bowling Alley: Upper West Side condo The Aldyn's Amazing Amenity Space Set To Open

Aldyn Building inNYC has it's own bowling alleyWe at New Construction Manhattan have had our collective eye -- we just share one, it's easier -- on The Aldyn for some time. Few new construction condo listings on the Upper West Side -- honestly, few new construction condo listings anywhere in Manhattan -- were as ambitious in conception as The Aldyn, which shares a perch on lower Riverside Drive with luxury rental The Ashley. It wasn't just that The Aldyn was a sterling example of shoot-the-moon ambition on the part of developers Extell, although it's that. It's that The Aldyn was a fearlessly upscale new construction condominium development built during one of the lowest down-cycles in real estate development in... well, ever. The project itself was promising from the start – between The Aldyn's striking looks, the 40,000 square feet of amenitized space and the stunning Hudson River views and generous floor plans on offer in the apartments for sale, The Aldyn always sounded like a winner. It was the timing that seemed questionable. But with the building nearly complete and The Aldyn's signature amenity space set to open -- and with pictures revealing it to be every bit as expansive and plain awesome-looking as advertised -- it seems safe to say that The Aldyn has made it. Which makes the La Palestra amenity space at The Aldyn that much more worthy of a look.

24-Hour Doorman Service: From NYC Condo Amenity To Source of Real Estate Anxiety... and Back To Being a NYC Condo Amenity

Doorman for a luxury apartment building in manhattanThe possibility of a doorman strike at Manhattan co-ops and condominiums is the sort of thing that surfaces every couple of years, scares the bejeesus out of Manhattan real estate folks for a little while, and then works itself out. And in a few months, that will be how people remember the Almost-Happened Doorman Strike of 2010.