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Restoration for the Wallace Wing

Met Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art began planning to rebuild its Modern and contemporary art wing in May 2014, the first comprehensive re-examination of the museum's layout in over 40 years. This acknowledgement from the Met represents a realization that the Modern and contemporary wing needs some attention. “It seemed a logical moment to really step back and think about the needs of the museum in the next 30 years,” said Thomas P. Campbell, the director of the Met. “It’s the Modern’s wing’s turn to get it right.”

Upper East Side Brings the Art: Museum Mile & Festival

The Upper East Side is home to many New York City attractions, Central Park, Gracie Mansion, and perhaps most famously, Museum Mile.

Top 5 Museums in the Upper East Side

Top Five Museums in the Upper East Side

Museum Mile in the Upper East Side of Manhattan is home to several of the world’s truly great museums, many of which are near popular Manhattan luxury apartments. There’s obviously no shortage of cultural institutions in the neighborhood, but this list is a fine place to start. These are our top five museums in the Upper East Side.