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Midtown East Makes Room for the Lavish 685 First Avenue

Sometimes it may seem as though Midtown has no more room for any new additions, but for a fabulous luxury home like 685 First Avenue, the packed neighborhood and bustling streets of Midtown East will find space.

Midtown East’s Newest Addition

The Lindley 

The Lindley is latest development project in Midtown East and has just released a teaser website, offering a glimpse at the 20-story luxury tower. Designed by Rawlings Architect, the 74-unit offers an array of apartments from studios up to three-bedroom apartments with prices starting at $900,000.

Top 10 Condo Investments: Future-Perfect Luxury

There are a lot of great properties with lasting value to be found throughout the city, whether owing that to their locations, amenity spaces, interior appointments, some other factor, or a combination of all three.  Here's a list of the city's Top 10 Best New Construction Condo Investment Buildings as determined by New Construction Manhattan.


The Changing Reputation of Murray Hill


The neighborhood of Murray Hill has long been known as the post-grad playground. Because of its slightly cheaper home prices than most areas in NYC, recent college graduates tend to flock to this area. Murray Hill, which spans roughly 85 blocks, has around 41,500 residents, many of which are recent college graduates and young professionals. Though a reasonably priced area and quiet oasis, its reputation generally kept away families and older generations. In recent years, however, there has been a huge change in the demographics of the area. Many families with young children appear to be moving to and remaining in this area, and this change has not gone unnoticed by longtime residents.

The Most Expensive Home in New York City Asks for $130 Million

River House NYC

What kind of home does $130 million buy you in New York City? Well, you could always buy 130 million-dollar homes. Or, you could spend all $130 million on the biggest and most expensive residence in New York City.

Midtown Picks for Restaurant Week

Don’t go on holidays and get out of the city. At least not yet. New York’s restaurant week has started and, as always, makes our mouth water just looking at the menus. For those working in Midtown or who are just around this location we have helped you to go through all the 90 restaurants that are part of the event. Here is a list of our five favorite spots where you will be able to delight in New York’s finest and tastiest.

More Residential Space Included in Amendments to Midtown East Rezoning Proposal

Midtown East Rezoning Proposal

After receiving a number of critiques against the Midtown East rezoning proposal, New York City’s Department of City Planning announced on Thursday an amended version of the plan which aims for an overhaul of the real estate scene between Second and Fifth Avenues, going all the way from 37th Street to 57th Street. In the newly released version of the proposal, care has been taken to address some of the concerns critics made about the original, which the city hopes will make the proposal’s passage a less painful affair.

Brazil is Hiding in Midtown

Never heard of it? Somewhere far in Queens? No, right at the heart of Manhattan, on 46th street, a little Brazilian feeling floats in the air. Hidden in between Italian, Japanese and Mexican restaurants, only a block and just announced by a street sign, Little Brazil very often goes unnoticed. Beware, that might not last long, the 2014 World Cup is coming up and you might want to take advantage of this secret sliver of heaven while it is still rather quiet.

Your Top Ten Midtown Beans and Brews

Its a Monday morning, that post lunch snooze, midweek crisis, or that wee-hour flight you have to catch - that aromatic caffeine concoction is the solution to it all. A typical New Yorker on the go, is easy to spot - that hurried pace, all wired-up, breakfast to go, and hot/iced coffee on hand, this completes the look for a long day ahead. So, here is our pick for the best coffee shops in Midtown Manhattan.