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Midtown East Makes Room for the Lavish 685 First Avenue

Sometimes it may seem as though Midtown has no more room for any new additions, but for a fabulous luxury home like 685 First Avenue, the packed neighborhood and bustling streets of Midtown East will find space.

Escape the Concrete Jungle with these Modern Midtown Condominiums


The busiest area in all of NYC lies between the skyscrapers of Midtown Manhattan. Here are three condominiums that make living in heart of the hustle and bustle of the city a little less hectic.

Top 10 Condo Investments: Future-Perfect Luxury

There are a lot of great properties with lasting value to be found throughout the city, whether owing that to their locations, amenity spaces, interior appointments, some other factor, or a combination of all three.  Here's a list of the city's Top 10 Best New Construction Condo Investment Buildings as determined by New Construction Manhattan.


More Residential Space Included in Amendments to Midtown East Rezoning Proposal

Midtown East Rezoning Proposal

After receiving a number of critiques against the Midtown East rezoning proposal, New York City’s Department of City Planning announced on Thursday an amended version of the plan which aims for an overhaul of the real estate scene between Second and Fifth Avenues, going all the way from 37th Street to 57th Street. In the newly released version of the proposal, care has been taken to address some of the concerns critics made about the original, which the city hopes will make the proposal’s passage a less painful affair.

Why is Midtown Manhattan So “Hot” Right Now?

Why is Midtown Manhattan so Hot Right Now?

If one takes a look at the performance of the Manhattan real estate market in the past few months, then one will see that there is one neighborhood that seems to be doing especially well for itself—Midtown Manhattan. This is an area that just seems to keep popping up in the news—one headline will talk about a property here nailing an eye-popping sale price, while another will speak of a new development in the works here. So why is Midtown Manhattan one of the most desirable places for a home in New York City? Read on to find out.

Brazil is Hiding in Midtown

Never heard of it? Somewhere far in Queens? No, right at the heart of Manhattan, on 46th street, a little Brazilian feeling floats in the air. Hidden in between Italian, Japanese and Mexican restaurants, only a block and just announced by a street sign, Little Brazil very often goes unnoticed. Beware, that might not last long, the 2014 World Cup is coming up and you might want to take advantage of this secret sliver of heaven while it is still rather quiet.

Scaling Up: Midtown East's Rezoning Plans Not Off the Ground Yet

Midtown East

Michael Bloomberg and members of the Department of City Planning are still trying to push through Midtown East rezoning plans, but they’re racing against the clock as Bloomberg’s Mayoral term fast approaches an end. The rezoning, centered around the Grand Central Terminal, would allow for a vast makeover of 73 blocks between 37th and 57th Street and 2nd and 5th Avenue. The Department of City Planning’s overview suggests that New York is in dire need of newer, taller commercial skyscraper developments to attract and facilitate the growth of business – lest we’re left behind by a growing list of progressive metropolises and commerce hubs that can accommodate: “The purpose of the rezoning is to ensure the area’s future as a world-class business district and major job generator for New York City”.

Ice, Ice, Baby: Murray Hill’s Best Cafés For Cold (and Hot) Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Murray Hill

Summer has descended on New York City, which means that this is the time when most of us replace our steaming hot cups of coffee with cooler alternatives. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your daily caffeine fix—you’ll be glad to know that the city’s cafés serve a good variety of chilled coffee concoctions as well. We headed to Murray Hill to find the neighborhood’s best establishments for cold (or hot, if you so prefer!) coffee—here are our top three picks:

New Gem on the NYC Skyline: 50 UN Plaza

The U.N. will soon have an amazing new condominium as a neighborThanks to both the success and the grandeur of their offerings at 15 Central Park West and 18 Gramercy Park South, real estate developers William Lie and Arthur Zeckendorf have now attained a reputation of being the creators of some of the most luxurious (and most desired) homes in New York City. As a result, the city’s real estate sector is suitably buzzed about their newest development at 50 UN Plaza, located at 345 East 46th Street in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood.

NYC’s Tallest Tower Headed to Park Avenue

The Manhattan skyline from Central ParkNew York City is known for its skyscrapers and high-rise buildings towering over the bustling city below. Well, there will soon be a new kid on the block that will be the tallest apartment building in the city. Located at Park Avenue and East 56th Street and standing about 1,397 feet and rising 95-stories, 432 Park Avenue will beat out One57 by 400 feet, shoving its closest competitor to the side upon completion in the next few years. It is expected that once construction gets underway on this condominium tower, Manhattan’s real estate will soon be battling it up for superlatives.