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Scaling Up: Midtown East's Rezoning Plans Not Off the Ground Yet

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Michael Bloomberg and members of the Department of City Planning are still trying to push through Midtown East rezoning plans, but they’re racing against the clock as Bloomberg’s Mayoral term fast approaches an end. The rezoning, centered around the Grand Central Terminal, would allow for a vast makeover of 73 blocks between 37th and 57th Street and 2nd and 5th Avenue. The Department of City Planning’s overview suggests that New York is in dire need of newer, taller commercial skyscraper developments to attract and facilitate the growth of business – lest we’re left behind by a growing list of progressive metropolises and commerce hubs that can accommodate: “The purpose of the rezoning is to ensure the area’s future as a world-class business district and major job generator for New York City”.

What's Hot Where In Manhattan Apartments: StreetEasy Runs It Down, From Upper East Side 2BRs to Financial District Studios

ManhattanHere at the New Construction Manhattan job, we do a lot of bird's eye view stuff -- or Top of The Nouvel's Eye View, if you prefer. That is, lots of stuff on the big trends in Manhattan real estate -- mortgage rates are down, NYC condo sales are spiking, and so on. But of course Manhattan real estate -- and certainly searching for NYC condos, which is probably why you're at New Construction Manhattan -- is not a top-of-the-Nouvel experience. The process of finding the right Manhattan apartment is a hugely personal, finely individuated and finally very human-scale process.