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Spotlight: Two Gorgeous Glassy Towers in Midtown West

Just a few years ago, two glassy developments joined the tall towers of Midtown West, bringing a total of 156 lavish condominiums to the area. The Baccarat Hotel and Residences and One57 were both completed around 4 years ago, but both still stand as two of the most luxurious and modern condominiums in Midtown that still have with available apartments.

Meet the Newest Gem of Midtown West: 53W53

The city of skyscrapers has made room for yet another 1,050 foot tower in Midtown West that is expected to be completed soon.

Escape the Concrete Jungle with these Modern Midtown Condominiums


The busiest area in all of NYC lies between the skyscrapers of Midtown Manhattan. Here are three condominiums that make living in heart of the hustle and bustle of the city a little less hectic.

Top 10 Condo Investments: Future-Perfect Luxury

There are a lot of great properties with lasting value to be found throughout the city, whether owing that to their locations, amenity spaces, interior appointments, some other factor, or a combination of all three.  Here's a list of the city's Top 10 Best New Construction Condo Investment Buildings as determined by New Construction Manhattan.


Why is Midtown Manhattan So “Hot” Right Now?

Why is Midtown Manhattan so Hot Right Now?

If one takes a look at the performance of the Manhattan real estate market in the past few months, then one will see that there is one neighborhood that seems to be doing especially well for itself—Midtown Manhattan. This is an area that just seems to keep popping up in the news—one headline will talk about a property here nailing an eye-popping sale price, while another will speak of a new development in the works here. So why is Midtown Manhattan one of the most desirable places for a home in New York City? Read on to find out.

Best Coffee Shops in the Garment District

Best Coffee Shops in the Garment District

Stretching from 34th Street to 42nd Street between Fifth and Ninth Avenues, the Garment District occupies a very small section of Midtown Manhattan, and New Yorkers often complain that there aren’t any good coffee shops to be found in this neighborhood. But that is not really true—because hidden amidst the fabric shops and the chain restaurants that populate the Garment District are some really good coffee establishments—you just need to look a little harder for them!

The Garment District: What’s in a Name?

Garment District Statue

Almost indistinguishable from its Midtown surroundings, the Garment District is a borderless nook struggling to hold on to its floundering identity. Sometimes referred to as the Fashion District, the tiny neighborhood’s bounds are loosely considered to be between Fifth and Ninth Avenue, and 34th to 42nd Street. It’s hard to imagine, especially when one considers the current economic state of this district, that it was once the epicenter of fashion design and textile manufacturing. Now, the Garment District carries the name of waning industry, and its residents struggle to inject life back into it.

Hudson Yards Finally Breaks Ground

What the Hudson Yards is supposedly going to look like once completed.Related Companies and Oxford Property Group broke ground yesterday at Hudson Yards, their Far West Side development. 6 years of planning has led to this, and it may be Mayor Bloomberg’s greatest legacy in the final moments of his third term. The public/private development is set to rise on 26 acres over the next 12 years beginning with the Hudson Yards South Tower. The South Tower will be the 47-story home of the luxury retailer Coach, located at the northeast corner of Tenth avenue and 30th Street. The South Tower will also include 740,000 square feet owned by Coach to be used as a commercial condominium.

Composting to be Streamlined Process in The Helena

A new composting system is ready to be implemented at The Helena.In a very short time apartment residents at The Helena will be able to compost without leaving their homes. The new program being implemented at The Helena, at 601 West 57th Street, means that residents will be keeping their organic trash out of the landfills. The plan, as being thought out by The Durst Organization, is also supposed to be used in a brand new apartment complex currently being built next to The Helena. The program however is still in the planning stages and is set to launch at The Helena as a test. New York City is increasingly becoming a green city with sustainable buildings and programs such as these.

Midtown West: Better Than The Rest?

Midtown West is growing in popularity

There are some blocks in New York City which are thought to be, quite simply, better than the rest. We’ve seen this phenomenon of sorts along locations like Central Park West, where the presence of 15 Central Park West has added an almost incomparable sheen to the Upper West Side neighborhood. It happens all the time downtown too, where real estate is more expensive than ever. But now, it is the Midtown West section of Manhattan that is getting its time in the sun, with the area becoming the location of choice for some of the most fascinating new developments in the city that are currently the talk of the town.