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Best (Tourist-Free) Bars in Midtown Manhattan

Best Tourist-Free Bars in Midtown Manhattan

When New Yorkers want to head out for a drink, they are often reluctant to check out the many bars located in Midtown Manhattan—the reason, of course, is Times Square, or rather, the tourist swarms that accumulate around this glitzy little section of this neighborhood.  After all, we just want to be knock off our beers and cocktails in peace—we certainly don’t want to be surrounded by map-wielding sightseers Instagramming every moment of their time in the city.

However, as hard as it may be to believe, there are a few choice bars in the Midtown West area where you can both enjoy a drink and avoid the tourist troves. Most of them are small, intimate spaces, either hidden inside a hotel or tucked away in a nook of the street—you’d probably miss them if you weren’t actually looking out for them. But these bars are definitely worth searching for—check out our list for our favorite places for a drink in the Midtown West neighborhood.

Your Top Ten Midtown Beans and Brews

Its a Monday morning, that post lunch snooze, midweek crisis, or that wee-hour flight you have to catch - that aromatic caffeine concoction is the solution to it all. A typical New Yorker on the go, is easy to spot - that hurried pace, all wired-up, breakfast to go, and hot/iced coffee on hand, this completes the look for a long day ahead. So, here is our pick for the best coffee shops in Midtown Manhattan.

Scaling Up: Midtown East's Rezoning Plans Not Off the Ground Yet

Midtown East

Michael Bloomberg and members of the Department of City Planning are still trying to push through Midtown East rezoning plans, but they’re racing against the clock as Bloomberg’s Mayoral term fast approaches an end. The rezoning, centered around the Grand Central Terminal, would allow for a vast makeover of 73 blocks between 37th and 57th Street and 2nd and 5th Avenue. The Department of City Planning’s overview suggests that New York is in dire need of newer, taller commercial skyscraper developments to attract and facilitate the growth of business – lest we’re left behind by a growing list of progressive metropolises and commerce hubs that can accommodate: “The purpose of the rezoning is to ensure the area’s future as a world-class business district and major job generator for New York City”.

Best Coffee Shops in the Garment District

Best Coffee Shops in the Garment District

Stretching from 34th Street to 42nd Street between Fifth and Ninth Avenues, the Garment District occupies a very small section of Midtown Manhattan, and New Yorkers often complain that there aren’t any good coffee shops to be found in this neighborhood. But that is not really true—because hidden amidst the fabric shops and the chain restaurants that populate the Garment District are some really good coffee establishments—you just need to look a little harder for them!

The Garment District: What’s in a Name?

Garment District Statue

Almost indistinguishable from its Midtown surroundings, the Garment District is a borderless nook struggling to hold on to its floundering identity. Sometimes referred to as the Fashion District, the tiny neighborhood’s bounds are loosely considered to be between Fifth and Ninth Avenue, and 34th to 42nd Street. It’s hard to imagine, especially when one considers the current economic state of this district, that it was once the epicenter of fashion design and textile manufacturing. Now, the Garment District carries the name of waning industry, and its residents struggle to inject life back into it.