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New Building to Rise in Bowery

Bowery Street looking north 

Newly developed upscale condos are rising in place of the Salvation Army building in Bowery.

Real Estate Rewind: A Year-End Review of the NYC Market

Over the past year, New Construction Manhattan has reported on the top stories in New York City real estate. From new construction plans to top listings, and the state of the real estate market, the stories of the year touch on a number of layers that make up NYC real estate. With 2015 coming to a close, it’s an obvious choice to start from the beginning — the very beginning — in this year-end review.

5 Morris Adjmi Condos to Enjoy the Most of NYC Living

Products of Morris Adjmi Architects can be spotted around the city. As diverse as the locations of these constructions are, the style of each building carries its own unique appeal.

A Greener Bushwick

Simon Dushinsky, who operates the real estate investment firm Rabsky Group, has acquired an undisclosed stake in the major real estate project located in Bushwick, a property that was once home to Rheingold Beer’s brewing operations. Dushinsky has ambitious plans for the Rheingold Brewery site: a rental building containing nearly 400 units and spanning almost 400,000 square feet.

The Jefferson Is No Longer The "East Village Mystery Lot"

The Jefferson Luxury Apartments

For years, the lot at 211 East 13th Street sat unused, prompting the “East Village Mystery Lot” nickname, but today, everything appears to be moving along just fine. The Jefferson--denominated as such for the site’s vaudeville history as the Jefferson Theatre--has updated its teaser page to a fully operational website complete with pricing, floor plans, and several renderings for the upcoming East Village condo.

Riverside Center Breaks Ground on Upper West Side

An early image of what Riverside Center is planned to look like in Manhattan

Last Friday a development that will eventually include 2,500 apartments, a hotel, a movie theater, an auto showroom, a new public school, and hundreds of thousands of square feet of retail and office space, broke ground on the Upper West Side. Located along Riverside Boulevard between 59th Street and 61st Street, the Riverside Center Development promises to be the biggest new development on the Upper West Side. Once it’s completed, it is set to have five apartment towers with a park in the middle. Although locals fought over aspects of the development for months, it was approved by the City Council two years ago.

Hudson Yards Finally Breaks Ground

What the Hudson Yards is supposedly going to look like once completed.Related Companies and Oxford Property Group broke ground yesterday at Hudson Yards, their Far West Side development. 6 years of planning has led to this, and it may be Mayor Bloomberg’s greatest legacy in the final moments of his third term. The public/private development is set to rise on 26 acres over the next 12 years beginning with the Hudson Yards South Tower. The South Tower will be the 47-story home of the luxury retailer Coach, located at the northeast corner of Tenth avenue and 30th Street. The South Tower will also include 740,000 square feet owned by Coach to be used as a commercial condominium.

Hurricane Sandy and One57 Collide, Crane Collapses

One57 crane collapse in ManhattanWhen you’re 1,004 feet in the air, the slightest gust of wind can feel like a hurricane. One57, currently the tallest Manhattan apartment building, fared well considering the damage that Hurricane Sandy incurred on Manhattan, including ripping the facade off of a four story Chelsea apartment building. LendLease’s construction crane at the uppermost stories of the building, on the other hand, didn’t manage to survive the 50 mph gusts of wind. Within hours of the crane’s collapse at 2:35 p.m. on Tuesday, October 30th, wreckage rubberneckers took to the internet. Nearby onlookers released a video of the actual collapse and a sassy One57 Crane twitter account surfaced, humorously documenting its own absurdity. It’s easy to brush over an incident of wreckage when it looks like performance art, but if a massive piece of damaged construction is dangling precariously between blocks of billions of dollars worth of investment, the situation becomes less comical.