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West End Historic District Set to Expand Dramatically

A map of the proposed historic district on the Upper West SideWest End Avenue is home to some of the most regal buildings in all of Manhattan, and soon those buildings might be off limits to the real estate developers who are constantly looking to transform Manhattan with new construction. A few years ago, the West End Preservation Society submitted a proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to expand the historic district on West End Avenue, thereby preserving a huge swath of the area. If approved, the proposed district will extend from West 70th Street all the way up to West 109th Street between Broadway and Riverside Avenues, a 2-mile stretch on the Upper West Side that encompasses 745 buildings in all. This change would eliminate new construction on West End Ave, although it would still allow developers to convert existing buildings into condos. Nonetheless, in a neighborhood that attracts very affluent buyers and renters, it's safe to say that developers will not be happy about being forced to give up such a valuable part of Manhattan.

The Paris of Manhattan Keeps Growing

Carnegie Hill MansionA small enclave in the northern reaches of the Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill is in many ways unlike any other neighborhood in New York City. Next to Central Park, quiet streets full of limestone rowhouses and pre-war co-ops are home to some of Manhattan’s most powerful residents, all of whom desire to claim this historic section of the Upper East Side as theirs. Yet Carnegie Hill wasn’t always like this; until Andrew Carnegie built his now-landmarked mansion on Fifth Avenue and 91st Street in 1901, much of the area was farmland. In turn, wealthy New Yorkers built their estates in the surrounding blocks, in doing so creating one of Manhattan’s most architecturally-significant neighborhoods. With the arrival of the subway a decade later, Carnegie Hill’s expansion continued at an even more rapid pace.

125th Street's Development Boom

New Manhattan developments on 125th StreetOne street in Manhattan is about to gain 350,000 square feet of new development, and it’s not what you may think. 125th Street, often considered Upper Manhattan’s Main Street of sorts, will grow yet again thanks to three initiatives spearheaded by the New York City Department of City Planning and Economic Development Corporation. The former’s 2008 rezoning and the latter’s two pet projects, CREATE @ Harlem Green and the Corn Exchange Building restoration, will serve as anchors to make the 125th Street corridor one of Manhattan’s most important. In doing so, it will serve as a hub for new residential and commercial development as well as a catalyst for the continued growth of Upper Manhattan.

Excitement Over the East River Esplanade

East River Waterfront in Manhattan

At New Construction Manhattan, we’re huge fans of the High Line, but it’s great to hear that it might have a little competition on the East River. The two-mile-long East River Waterfront Esplanade that runs from the Battery Maritime Building to Montgomery Street opened on July 14 and is quickly becoming a hit. The park has features similar to the High Line, but they are in no way the same. While the High Line is a raised park, the Esplanade is located underneath FDR Drive, providing shady spots on hot summer days.

Pre-War Co-ops: It’s About to Get Buff in Here

On-site fitness center in luxury Manhattan condos
Pre-war condominiums in Manhattan are filled with luxury and elegance. However, there is one thing that many of these buildings don’t have: a gym. With so many new construction condominiums featuring state-of-the-art fitness centers on-site, the stately pre-war co-ops and condominiums have seemingly been stuck in the past. With a on-site gym high on buyers wish lists, some pre-war co-ops have begun to take notice.Even with many fitness centers located in Manhattan, buyers are looking for gyms in their own buildings as a matter of convenience. Some residents like to get up early to work out and don’t want to have to walk blocks away or even take the subway at 5 am. Others don’t want to brave through the winter weather in their work out clothes to get to the gym. Having a gym within their own building also means that residents have a more private workout space and the easy trip, often just down the elevator, provides an incentive to hit the gym.

Those Were The Reasons And That Was New York: Remembering The Chelsea Hotel, Pondering What's Next

The Chelsea Hotel Manhattan Condos for SaleIt's something of an understatement to write that the Chelsea Hotel is among one of the most famed Bohemian landmarks in Manhattan, given that it has been the epicenter of artistic Chelsea and Boho Manhattan for over a century. The long list of notable musicians, writers, and artists who have frequented the hotel’s 125 rooms -- roughly make up half of what is considered artistic New York, give or take -- have produced a slew of homages, from Leonard Cohen's Chelsea Hotel to countless others with less on-the-nose titles. The Chelsea has been adapted into literature, music, art, and film, but now faces a new and perhaps most difficult adaptation, now that the Chelsea landmark has hit the real estate market. It’s strange, but it's true -- the previous owners have decided to sell the hotel, and haven to so many of the greatest artists ever to call Manhattan home, is now a prized piece of Chelsea property for sale. The on-the-market status of the Chelsea Hotel is noteworthy both because it's not every day that icons hit the market and because of what it means for Chelsea's past, present and future.

New Construction Manhattan Service Moment: The Smart Way To Furnish Your NYC Condo

You wouldn't necessarily know it from a lot of Manhattan apartments, but there are more options when it comes to furnishing a New York City apartment than buying too much furniture that you cannot find space for, throwing out your old coffee table because you found another, shipping your couch back home to your parents to make room for the oh-so-necessary desk, or deciding not to buy that shelf because you have no idea where you can fit it. Sounds crazy, but it's true. In what will become a semi-regular feature here at the New Construction Manhattan blog, we're going to get in service-y mode and outline some other routes you can take to make your NYC condo a home. Or at least a much less cluttered and better-organized NYC condo:

NCM Building Review: Cheers For Riverhouse’s New Management, Green Living Environment, Lovelyl Views, and Luxurious Condos

battery park from a helicopter Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in The City, but be able to avoid the hustle and bustle that goes on outside of most New York City apartment buildings? Sounds good, does it not? Living in Battery Park City would take that ridiculous imagination of yours and turn your dreams into reality. The Riverhouse (in Battery Park), under new ownership since March, adds some umph to New York City living. The Riverhouse’s amenities are great. With a lap pool, children’s playroom, outdoor terrace and park, yoga studio, billiard’s room, media café, and fitness center, this Battery Park City apartment building fulfills the needs of all of its residents. Rockefeller Park--which is right in the Riverhouse’s backyard--provides residents with a great area to spend time outside, watch ferries go by on the Hudson River, go for a run, or bring the kids to one of several play areas. It would be difficult to find a more relaxing New York City neighborhood. The Riverhouse’s most amazing amenity, by far, is it’s backyard. The Hudson River runs just steps from the building and many Riverhouse apartments have a stunning river view of the Statue of Liberty and Midtown Skyline.

Getting Out Of The City: Checking In With Southeast Discovery, And Real Estate Outside NYC

NYC Real Estate and property developmentNew York City and New York City real estate have a way of focusing the mind -- this is a tough town, as you might've heard, and an interesting one. For those of us who care about NYC and the market for NYC condos, the ebbs and flows of the Manhattan real estate scene can come to seem like the most important news in the world. If you're searching Manhattan condo listings, it might well seem like it, but the national real estate market is plenty interesting in its own right.

No Smoking Please: Scare at Chelsea Green Condo HL23 Turns Out To Be All Smoke, No Fire

SmokeWe haven't written about LEED Gold Chelsea condo HL23 that often here at New Construction Manhattan, and that's totally our fault. Both relative to other condos for sale in Chelsea and other green condos for sale in Manhattan, HL23 is a really impressive NYC condo -- both better-looking and greener than its competition in Chelsea and among Manhattan's other green apartments, respectively. If it seems like we're kind of amping it up about HL23 right now, um, that is probably true. But it's one of our favorite green condo listings at NCM and... well, for awhile back there we were worried that we might've lost it. But it turns out that what looked like a serious fire at HL23 this weekend was all smoke and no fire, Curbed reports.