Articles on New NYC Condo Developments

Walker Tower Developers Get $45 Million Loan for Hell’s Kitchen Project

New development at 435 West 50th Street Lands $45 Million Loan

Walker Tower, located at 212 West 18th Street in Chelsea, is one of those Manhattan buildings that are almost always in the spotlight. While architecture enthusiasts in the city can’t stop gushing about the building’s Art Deco representation, the apartments for sale at Walker Tower are among the most talked-about luxury residences in New York City today. So when the developers of Walker Tower announced that they were undertaking the conversion of another Art Deco building on 50th Street and 10th Avenue, it’s easy to see why the city’s real estate sector was ready to sit up and take notice of this new development.

The Upper East Side Keeps Its Charm

New condos in the Upper East Side like 135 East 79th Street follow traditional architectural designs as opposed to modernist styles

The architectural sensibility that is showcased in the Upper East Side section of New York City is one that is quite unique and hard to find in the other neighborhoods that populate the city. The neighborhood’s prewar charm and elegance is something residents of the Upper East Side hold very dear, which is why even new buildings in the neighborhood are expected to follow more traditional design styles, as opposed to the modernist structures that are cropping up elsewhere in the city.

New Developments on the Rise in New York City

Prized Manhattan condos poised for 2013 debuts

If the listings on this site are any indication, there are certainly a lot of new buildings coming into Manhattan’s real estate arena. To live in a luxury apartment in the city is a dream of many a New Yorker, and these prized new developments are being created to satisfy the demand for these remarkable homes. Recent reports have said that there’s been a rise in the construction of such new residences, with new building permits being issued left, right and center.

Manhattan Condominium Development Goes Skinny

Development of Manhattan luxury condominiums trending towards skinny designsIn a well-documented, yet unofficial competition in Manhattan’s luxury new construction condominium market, developers are locked in an arms race over who can build the tallest and most impressive new condominium. The most eye-catching buildings offer status to residents and fame to the developers and architects behind the project. One aspect of this competition that has received less attention, however, is the realization by some developers that size isn’t everything. Or at least, vertical size. Many new construction condominiums are not only getting taller; they are also getting skinnier, resulting in a more striking skyline and more opportunities to purchase apartments with stunning views.

Foreign Cities Seek to Emulate Manhattan’s Modern Architecture

International developers are emulating Manhattans architectural styleAcknowledged as one of the world’s greatest cities, New York City’s culture is recognizable anywhere in the world; its iconic style, food, and fashion have always been popular across the globe. Now, Manhattan’s modern residential architecture is its latest export to the global community. Over the past decade or so, Manhattan has produced some of the world’s most striking and luxurious new construction condominium buildings. The rest of the world has taken note: cities in countries like China, Israel, Turkey, and Brazil are beginning to hire celebrated New York architects to design buildings in similar styles to their iconic work in Manhattan. This trend has allowed New York City’s global influence to expand even more.

Composting to be Streamlined Process in The Helena

A new composting system is ready to be implemented at The Helena.In a very short time apartment residents at The Helena will be able to compost without leaving their homes. The new program being implemented at The Helena, at 601 West 57th Street, means that residents will be keeping their organic trash out of the landfills. The plan, as being thought out by The Durst Organization, is also supposed to be used in a brand new apartment complex currently being built next to The Helena. The program however is still in the planning stages and is set to launch at The Helena as a test. New York City is increasingly becoming a green city with sustainable buildings and programs such as these.

Manhattan’s Best New Buildings This Fall

Manhattans most anticipated fall building openings

New York City’s real estate market has had it especially good this year. Luxury apartment sales have been on a high throughout the summer, and with rents continuing their steep rise, more and more New Yorkers are choosing to buy homes for themselves. Instead of looking at already established residences for their new apartments, low inventory levels have spurred people to look at homes in the new buildings opening up in the city. While there has certainly been a shortage of new buildings compared to past years, there are several new developments to watch out for this fall in New York City. Here are our choice picks in the borough of Manhattan.

Manhattan’s New Constructions See Spike in Interest

New York City rent is rising along with the demand for home ownership

As rents for apartments in New York City continue their upward climb, more people are considering becoming apartment owners rather than tenants. But even then, the choices are limited—inventory levels are, after all, at a low in Manhattan. There's just that much to go around. As a result, thanks to their presence at various neighborhoods around the city, apartments in new constructions are becoming increasingly desirable. Besides being excellent homes, these buildings also offer a variety of amenities to entice anyone looking for a new place to live in New York City.

Buying in New NYC Buildings: How to Get a Head Start

With apartment rents in Manhattan continuing to shoot up every day, it is now rather commonplace to consider becoming a homeowner in the city rather than a tenant. With several new developments currently being built all over New York City, there is a large number of options to choose from as your next home. With some research, one can find their next home in the slew of new construction in Manhattan, and get a head start in the race to get such residences. After all, New York City’s real estate market is an extremely tough and fickle one, and getting a good pad is more often a case of being the early bird that catches the worm.

NYC Residential Permits On The Rise

Residential permits on the rise in ManhattanAdding to the spate of good news coming from the real estate market in New York City, a new report has revealed that the number of permits issued for new homes in Manhattan has increased by nearly ten times the amount from last year. This should come as good news for apartment hunters in the city--New York City, as a whole, has performed really well--and the report issued by the Real Estate Board of New York has revealed that the number of permits issued have increased in the first five months of 2012, as compared to figures from last year.