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Neighborhood Watch: Harlem's Rising Star


The neighborhood of Harlem has changed throughout time and has fit into a number of categories since it’s beginnings in  the 17th century. Notably, the neighborhood has morphed from, farmland, battlefield, resort town, commuter town, and presently has re-burst into life in the 21st century as one of NYC’s most sought out neighborhoods. Here’s why: 2013 apartment’s in Harlem were both bountiful in inventory and reasonable in price, leading to a higher influx of new residents.

Demolition Freeze Proposed for NYC

demolition freeze

Rizzoli bookstore on April 4th had an outdoor protest to oppose the likely demolition of the beloved 57th Street building. This event stirred Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer into action, she created a bill that would prevent the demolition of buildings such as Rizzoli from happening again in the future.

In Demand: A Home Address in the Financial District

The financial district is quickly becoming a neighborhood with residential demand

One of the most bustling neighborhoods in New York City, the Financial District has long been a hub for all things business. With the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York both located in this neighborhood, and add to that the chaotic yet vital hubbub that resounds out of Wall Street, it is not really hard to understand why this neighborhood is so important for financial institutions. However, while the neighborhood may be synonymous with the bulls and the bears that run the city, the Financial District is now being increasingly known for another topic altogether: luxury real estate. The charm, elegance and the many landmarks in the Financial District has made it a very desirable place to live in New York City.

NYC Apartments Not Big Enough? Get an Urban Mansion

Luxury urban mansions in New York City

New York City is a city of contrasts. This is a city where expensive restaurants like the Japanese themed Masa in the Time Warner Center, as well as cheap ones like the many $1 pizza establishments that have sprouted all over New York, can both boast of having a steady and loyal clientele of satisfied customers. In the same vein, it is indeed interesting to note that while some people are distressed over their inability to buy or rent apartments in the city given their rising prices, there are some well-heeled New Yorkers who are going out and buying entire apartment buildings, so as to create their very own exclusive family homes. These are the “urban mansions,” which have hefty price tags but are still cheaper than big name townhouses and co-op penthouses.

Steep Rents and Affordable Interest Rates Push Increase in Apartment Sales

Lower interest rates are leading to an increase in apartment sales in ManhattanIt’s in the numbers: New York City dwellers are leaving renting behind, and taking the plunge to buy homes. Here at New Construction Manhattan, we recently reported on the high number of sales within Manhattan's real estate market, noting how lower-priced units are being bought at exceptionally fast rates. There has been a surprising spike in sales of studios and one-bedrooms, and with the spring being the busiest time of year to purchase a new home, it's safe to say property ownership in New York City will continue to increase.

Buyer Demand Greatly Outstripped Supply In March

Luxury condos in Manhattan are in high demand and short supplyBuyers and sellers take note: the Manhattan sales market is traveling in two different directions at once. According to a new market report, buyers signed 1,213 new contracts for Manhattan luxury apartments in March, the highest volume of new deal activity for luxury apartments in Manhattan since the recession. It’s also a 15.7% increase in new deal volume from March of 2011 (and a 39% increase from February 2012). Simultaneously, the trend of declining supply for new apartments for sale in Manhattan continued. Combine this with an unprecedented pace of demand, and it becomes clear that today’s buyers of Manhattan apartments are quick to recognize a deal when they see one, and, moreover, they’re quick to sign a contract for a property.

Have a Drink, Buy Some Art, Get a Condo

Sugar Sugar by Eve PlumbThe New York Times reported a few weeks ago about an art show that doubled as an open house in an apartment building in the Chelsea neighborhood. The art on display was the work of Eve Plumb, the actress who played Jan Brady on “The Brady Bunch” in the early 1970s. The location was Carriage House, a new building on West 24th Street designed by Broad Mill Development Group, which had set up the showing. And the purpose of the event was, as Mrs. Plumb bluntly told the New York Times, to “have a drink, buy some art, get a condo.”

Zoning In (Again): Will Re-Zoning West Clinton Drive Prices Up?

North Tribeca Zoning ProposalRecently, New Construction Manhattan pondered the effects of the Department of City Planning’s rezoning proposal for North Tribeca. We asked whether or not prices would go down as new construction would be more readily approved, and our cop out prediction was that we had no particular answer. And while that may hold true for the next neighborhood we want to analyze, there are some general trends that are of particular interest.

Closely related to Chelsea, Clinton (and you can make as many puns about those names as you’d like) is a rapidly-developing neighborhood stretching from Eighth Avenue to the Hudson River from 42nd Street to 59th Street, a subsection of Midtown West. Whereas the former is now largely mixed-use, with a particular emphasis on balancing residential and commercial growth, that has made the transition from manufacturing, the latter is currently in an identity crisis. For the most part zoned for manufacturing and low-density residential, the recent high-rise condo boom, which has produced the Hudson Hill Condominiums, Orion, The 505, and The Atelier among others, as well as the proposed redevelopment of the Hudson Yards to the south have made, at least in the minds of the folks at the Department of City Planning, re-zoning a necessity in this about-to-explode neighborhood.

NCM Building Review: Cheers For Riverhouse’s New Management, Green Living Environment, Lovelyl Views, and Luxurious Condos

battery park from a helicopter Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in The City, but be able to avoid the hustle and bustle that goes on outside of most New York City apartment buildings? Sounds good, does it not? Living in Battery Park City would take that ridiculous imagination of yours and turn your dreams into reality. The Riverhouse (in Battery Park), under new ownership since March, adds some umph to New York City living. The Riverhouse’s amenities are great. With a lap pool, children’s playroom, outdoor terrace and park, yoga studio, billiard’s room, media café, and fitness center, this Battery Park City apartment building fulfills the needs of all of its residents. Rockefeller Park--which is right in the Riverhouse’s backyard--provides residents with a great area to spend time outside, watch ferries go by on the Hudson River, go for a run, or bring the kids to one of several play areas. It would be difficult to find a more relaxing New York City neighborhood. The Riverhouse’s most amazing amenity, by far, is it’s backyard. The Hudson River runs just steps from the building and many Riverhouse apartments have a stunning river view of the Statue of Liberty and Midtown Skyline.