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In the Mood for Some Good News about Manhattan Real Estate?

Good news about Manhattan real estateWell, why not start off with just plain all-around good news. According to Bloomberg:

Consumer spending in the U.S. probably rose in May for the first time in three months and home sales increased as Americans became more confident the recession will end this year.

So that's the feeling in the air across the country. What about our part of the world? Yep, it gets better. In fact, CNBC says Northeastern U.S. home sales rose almost 4 percent in May. Huge!

The New Times Square: Big deal for real estate, whether you love it or not

Times Square New York Construction By now you've likely formed an opinion about the recent conversion of much of Times Square into open-air community space. Lots of people love having a worldly New York City centerpiece. Others see nothing but Bloomberg's ham-fist at work. Either way, it's a pretty revolutionary idea, right? Speaking of, here's an interesting article from the Real Deal... Times Square goes from pavement to park. From the article:

Thinking of Buying an NYC Apartment without New Construction's Help? Uh-oh..

New Construction Manhattan If you're on the prowl for a new apartment in Manhattan, it's ok to be excited. There are tons of good deals out here! But some NYC apartment buyers are so excited about this buyer's market that they're overlooking some things. Pretty important things. Like, oh, how much the whole place is gonna cost. No matter how fantastic a deal is, there are still plenty of small costs that you just have to factor in. So when we hear of new homeowners getting a case of sticker shock, it can be a good lesson for all of us: be prepared. I'll tell you one thing...

5 Reasons New York Real Estate Is Better Than You Think

goodTurns out we're not the only ones who like good news about the New York real estate market...

New York is still New York--it's the planet's best-equipped city when it comes to stuff like this.

Renting a New York Apartment? (You know, you probably could OWN for not much more...)

Renting or Buying in New York CityHere's an article from the Wall Street Journal that we hope you didn't miss: Renters Lose Edge on Homeowners. In lots of metro markets, mortgage payments cost just about as much as apartment rent. This is a new, and heartening, development. In recent years, some housing markets have seen ownership cost 60% more than renting. Soon, average mortgage payments could be a scant 14% higher than monthly rent. Owning is already the wiser move for most, but at 14%, it's a simple call... you can either keep throwing money away by renting, or tack on a measly 14% and reap the benefits of home ownership. Not only will you wind up keeping what you put into your home, your investment will only strengthen as markets return.

New York City Landmarks and Apartments Go Dark to Go Green

Green apartments in New YorkOn Saturday, March 28, going lights out for a night meant going Green for many NYC landmarks and high-end condominium buildings. Beginning at 8:30 p.m., the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, many Times Square billboards, and the decorative light necklaces on the East River bridges shut off their lights for an hour.