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Battery Park City’s Perennial Green History

Green Living in Battery Park City

Imagine you’re standing somewhere along the ribbon of green that stretches along the southwest tip of Manhattan, looking out to the Statue of Liberty. Now go back to this same spot some 50 years earlier. You are now enjoying the same view while floating in the Hudson. This makes Battery Park City a fascinating example of a planned community with an enduring environmental mission.

New Recycling Mandate Makes NYC Even Greener

New York City has a new recycling mandate

New York City has been trying to step up its green quotient for a long while now. Be it through the construction of environment-friendly LEED certified buildings, or through the creation of more parks and green spaces like the High Line in Chelsea, New Yorkers have been seeing a lot of green. But while these measures are to be applauded, New York is still lagging behind in terms of its recycling prowess—only 15% of residential trash in the city is recycled. But this number could soon change thanks to new building mandates that are designed to bolster recycling efforts.

Life Isn't Fare On The UES: Second Avenue Subway Reportedly Far Over-Budget, Far Behind Schedule, and Far From Reality

Upper East Side Subway ConstructionSomeday, it's going to happen. A clean, modern subway train is going to pull up, right on time, at a station below Second Avenue on the Upper East Side. And when that day comes, Upper East Siders of all stripes are going to be happy. Upper East Side green condos will be that much greener, given their newfound proximity to mass transit; Upper East Side residents will see their commutes made simpler, quicker and less excruciatingly packed; Upper East Side condominiums will appreciate in value. The sun will shine every day and every man, woman and child will get a pony. The first three outcomes of the long-awaited, currently in-progress Second Avenue Subway are actually pretty reasonable -- more mass transit access will mean a better Upper East Side, and more valuable Upper East Side apartments. But, in news that's both saddening and sadly unsurprising, it looks like UES residents are going to have to wait a little bit longer for the Second Avenue Subway. And by "little bit" we mean "two years."

Green Light: Ultra-Green Village Green Condos in East Village Looking Like A Winner

Green building in the East VillageNew construction condominium buildings are something of a rarity in the East Village, and good news about New York City real estate has been equally scarce of late. All of which makes it that much more impressive that Village Green, an ultra-sustainable new construction condo on East 11th Street in the East Village, is looking more and more like a true success story.

TOP TEN: Hottest New Construction Buildings in Manhattan

10A newly released report lists the past season's most popular New York City new condos, based on contracts inked. The number one building? Harlem's beautiful and LEED-certified Kalahari. With good reason! We can't say enough about this building. Other highly desirable buildings in which we have condos for sale...

Green News: Battery Park's Visionaire Earns LEED Platinum Certification

The Visionare is certified with LEED Platinum StatusThe Visionaire, a tremendous new Green building overlooking the Hudson, has secured LEED Platinum status, just about the most prestigious honor possible for a Green living space. Here's a quote:

“We are extremely proud to have the Visionaire recognized as a ‘Platinum’ building by the U.S.G.B.C., and to continue our pushing of the envelope in sustainability for residential buildings,” George Aridas, executive vice president for the Albanese Organization, told Mixed Use.

Why NYC Green Apartments Are Great For Non-Greenies, Too

Green apartments in NYCGreen Buildings? Sounds nice and all, but what can they offer homebuyers who aren't all that worried about the environment? Plenty... from better air and water to long-term savings due to efficiency. Check out Shades of Green: Builders, buyers differ on importance of eco-friendly living on Daily News, for some accounts from real buyers like yourself. What comes through from these buyers is clear: buying Green means buying a part of a great building. That it's terrific for the environment is a big bonus, too. Here's a good clip:

WANTED: Early Adopters of New York City's Green Real Estate

New York City's early adopters of green real estate

Good article from The Real Deal... Greening the city means getting realistic. A clip:

But while the commercial real estate market is already taking steps to go green, [Daniel Kaplan, senior partner at FXFowle Architects] said, the residential market isn't focused on greening yet, tending to rely on traditional selling points instead. "It's always puzzling to us that the residential market hasn't caught up to this [green trend]."

The Going Got Tough... Smart Buyers Are Going for Green Condos

It's easy to philosophize about how good it is to go Green, both for the environment and for your investment portfolio. But let's get down to business. Let's look at some cold hard data on why Green is great, especially in a recession. (Click for an overview of owning an apartment in a Green building).

  • Have you seen the Green Building Market Barometer's survey of 754 real estate executives? 3/4 of execs--from brokers to engineers--believe in Green, recession or otherwise.