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Why You Should Go to the New York Public Library Today

Patrons and lovers of New York City's public libraries can now breathe a little easier. On June 23, Mayor Bloomberg and City Council speaker Christine C. Quinn announced to the press that the city's proposed budget cuts will not be happening this year. According to the New York Times, the controversial cuts, which (among many things) threatened to raise taxes, close firehouses, eliminate city-financed child-care, and reduce library services, were replaced by a $70 billion agreement that will allow public institutions to operate as they had been previously. The news, which came as a relief to many organizations that viewed the original plan as a giant albatross around their metaphorical necks, was undoubtedly well-received by one particular party in the package - The New York Public Library. The troubled libraries were facing a potential loss of $47 million from the government that would include layoffs of over 700 of its staff members, as well as numerous branch closings and an end to thousands of its renowned free programs. To many, this was an outrage: How could the government cut funding to a place that has served such a crucial role in the history of this city?