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Will New York be Ready for the Next Hurricane Sandy?

Subway systems were flooded by Hurricane SandyHurricane Sandy has come and gone and the Tri-State area is slowly picking itself back up. Only one question really remains at this point: will New York City be prepared for the next Hurricane Sandy? Initial reports are not necessarily good, especially with the current state of affairs in New York City. So far, there are 85 dead and counting, over $60 billion in damages, a subway system that is still not fully operational a week after it shut down, and raging fires in Queens. To top it all off, a substation belonging to Con Ed vital to keeping the lights on blew up in the East Village during the first few hours of the storm. While the firemen, police officers, and emergency workers deserve enormous amounts of respect for their service, all of this still begs the question, will New York be ready for the next Hurricane Sandy?

On Urgency: The End of the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit and Your NYC Condo

To the extent that it's ever true in Manhattan real estate, the current market for NYC condos favors buyers. Prices are flat, apartment listings are plentiful, concessions on price are increasingly the rule, and an investment in Manhattan real estate remains about as good a long-term bet as there is out there. As a sort of cherry on top of all this, there's the soon-expiring federal tax credit for first-time home buyers.

First-time Home Buyer's Tax Credit = Your New Down Payment?

How does the first time home buyers tax credit work in New York?We've written before about the first-time home buyer's tax credit. It's been a great opportunity all along. Now here's an interesting development... As the FHA reports, the tax credit can now function as a kind of mortgage down payment. Technically, a buyer can use it as kind of interim financing known as a bridge loan or even an $8,000 cash advance.

The First-time Home Buyers Tax Credit Makes Apartment Buying a Little Sweeter

homeHere are some important changes to the Home Buyers Tax Credit Bill which could benefit those of you who are considering buying a New York apartment in the coming months. How will it effect Manhattan Real Estate? The modified Home Buyers Tax Credit states that first time buyers and those who have not owned a home for the last 3 years will be eligible for up to an $8000 tax credit;