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Tribeca Summit Shakes Up Management, Keeps Selling Units

Tribeca Summit in New York CityLast week, we talked a bit about the management issues at Riverhouse, the super-green condominium in Battery Park City that is continuing to sell condos despite a legal shouting match between its developers and managing corporation. It's a problem that Tribeca condominium Tribeca Summit, at 415 Greenwich Street, can relate to. Luckily, though, Tribeca Summit -- like Riverhouse -- has some good news to go with the less-good. According to NYC real estate website Curbed, even what looks like less-good news -- the fact that Tribeca Summit's financiers have taken over from its developers -- may wind up being good news for buyers.

The New 'Good Faith Estimates,' Mortgages and NYC Condos: What You Need To Know

Good Faith Estimates and New York City CondosBuying an apartment or condo is a big decision, wherever said apartment or condo is located. But when we're talking about NYC condos, both the level of investment on your part and the competition on the lender's part are amped up considerably. The New York City real estate market can be a tough place, of course, but choosing to work with a trustworthy real estate agent and educating yourself on the rules of the mortgage game are good ways to make buying a Manhattan apartment that much simpler. The New Construction Manhattan Broker Network is a good way to ensure that you'll find a knowledgeable agent, of course; reading Ken Harney's piece at The Real Deal on the importance of the government-mandated "Good Faith Estimate" (or GFE) is a good way to get started on the educating-yourself thing.

Condos Still Selling at Riverhouse as Developers Engage in Legal Skirmish

The Riverhouse in New York CityWe'll just be honest about this: we at New Construction Manhattan just love us some Riverhouse. The super-sustainable Battery Park City condo is one of the greenest NYC condos out there, period, and offers every bit as much in terms of amenities and stunning apartments for sale as it does in terms of green elements. The Riverhouse is a LEED Platinum condo with a great location and great condos, and that's why we like it so much. There, we said it. So who cares if Riverhouse is currently wrapped up in a legal squabble between its managing corporation and developers? Um, right?