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Better than Gold? NYC Luxury Real Estate Is a Solid Investment

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According to Blackrock chairman Laurence D. Fink, there are but two asset classes that should be on anybody’s mind: contemporary art, and real estate – particularly in Manhattan, Vancouver, and London.  He continues that the investment value of these commodities have even surpassed gold, which has been considered throughout history to be a solid asset and investment.  Of course, gold peaked in 2011, but has since dropped by over 35 percent since then; by contrast, Manhattan real estate, especially the luxury sector, has been performing exceptionally well, which in turn is shifting demand to Brooklyn, subsequently moving more demand towards the oft-overlooked Queens market.

Heard About The $200,000 Penthouse At The Apthorp? We Did, And Here's What We Heard.

Apthorp penthouse is selling for below market valueIt made sense at first, all those visitors to New Construction Manhattan clicking on the listing for Upper West Side condominium The Apthorp. It made sense because The Apthorp has always been among our most popular Upper West Side condo listings -- it's generally one of the most-clicked buildings in our Manhattan condo listings database, in fact -- and because it's a beautiful building filled with beautiful apartments for sale. Business as usual, right? Except they kept clicking. And clicking. The reason, we quickly figured out, was this story from the New York Post, which detailed what seemed like an incredible deal -- a (small) penthouse apartment at The Apthorp selling for $228,000, which is roughly 88% below its listing price. We'd click, too, if we read a story about apartments for sale in one of the hottest pre-war condominiums on the Upper West Side. So, how incredible was this deal?