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Starchitects Shine Designing the Manhattan Skyline

New rendering of 1 Park Lane luxury residential condominium in Manhattan

Rendering courtesy of New York Yimby

When imagining the future of Manhattan, the task is much easier when you can look at a picture of the luxury residential buildings that will dominate it. Among many newly released designs popping up around New York City, these four luxury Manhattan towers revealed their renderings last week, painting a picture of the skyline to come.

Tribeca North: Luxury and Bohemia Mix in Manhattan

Tibeca North is rising as a real estate destination in ManhattanThe rap on Tribeca has always been that while the whole triangle is a cultural hotspot, it’s the southern part below North Moore where the celebrities and high-end Manhattan condos are. The northern part is grittier and more bohemian, and until recently, more dangerous. But just over the past few years there’s been an influx of luxury condos in northern Tribeca. Developers are converting the old, gritty looking buildings for which Northern Tribeca is infamous into luxury condos. And they’re doing it so extensively that prices in Northern Tribeca are higher now than they are down south. The Wall Street Journal found that the median price for a high-end condo in the north is $3.3 million, compared to $2.8 million in the south. So while northern Tribeca still has the look and feel of a Bohemian neighborhood, its residents are actually living in converted condos as nice as any luxury condo for sale in the Financial District or SoHo.

NYC Condo Scene: Transactions Are Booming, New Unit Sales Are Lagging. How Does That Happen?

Transactions are booming while new unit sales are lagging.Ah, the New York City condo scene -- it's chaotic, but it does at least keep the New Construction Manhattan blog busy enough. Of late, you might've noticed a number of posts suggesting that the market for NYC condos is heating up after a long recession precipitated a buyer's market in Manhattan condominiums. What has been anecdotal for the past few months got a little bit more quantified thanks to a study by NYC real estate researchers Radar Logic which showed NYC condo transactions rising an astonishing 146 percent over the past year.

Apthorp Chronicles Continued: Given Green Light On Condo Conversion, Pre-War Luxury Condo Promptly Hikes Prices

The Apthorp in Manhattan Your New Construction Manhattan blogger is human, dear reader, which means that every now and then your New Construction Manhattan blogger is laid-up by vicious allergies and misses a day or two of posting. This is something that happens even to non-bloggers -- although our constitutions are admittedly frailer than most -- but in the hyperspeed world of Manhattan real estate, a day or so off means three or so days behind. Thus the post that we were too busy sneezing to make -- which announced that Upper West Side pre-war condo conversion The Apthorp, the Pitti Palace-inspired condo at 390 West End Avenue, had been approved by the State AG for condominium conversion -- has now become two posts in one.