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Experience the Gorgeous Glassy Towers of SoHo's 565 Broome Street

Soho has is known for its cobblestone streets filled with countless boutique shops and trendy loft apartments. Now, two new towers are bringing more homes to this coveted Manhattan neighborhood.

SoHo's Million Dollar Studios

SoHo’s 30 story condo at 565 Broome Street is already under construction with its developers expecting to have a sellout of more than $650 million dollars. The project includes Bizzi & Partners Development, Aronov Development, and Halpern Real Estate Venture.

NYC Celebrity Real Estate: Staring Lower Manhattan

Celebrities in NYC

Celebrities love New York City. And for the rest of us, well, of course we love it too, but it’s an added bonus that every time we step outside, we might cross paths with a famous actor, musician, athlete, etc. You can find a star in basically any neighborhood in the City, but celebrities have taken a clear liking to the cool neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan.

The Hippest Square: $27M in Renovations Planned for Hudson Square

Hudson Square NYC

Last March, City Council gave its stamp of approval on the Hudson Square rezoning after a review process that lasted over half of a year. The rezoning now allows for buildings to rise as tall as 290 feet in the quiet, 18-block neighborhood. While 290 feet is nothing special by New York City standards, the neighborhood is now primed for a major facelift.

Soho’s Best Coffee Spots

The Best Places for Coffee in Soho, New York City

In our continuing quest to find all of the best coffee spots in the city, today, we turn our attention to Soho—does the fashion-forward district have a similar grade for its java as well? Well, we went sniffing around South of Houston Street for the smell of fresh-made coffee, and we came back feeling mighty pleased. Much like its famous bars and restaurants, Soho’s cafés are hip and happening, certain to appeal to both the coffee novice and the caffeine enthusiast.

The Odder Things In Life: Exploring The Evolution Store In Soho

Embellished skull at the Evolution Store

Undoubtedly, Soho is a location that has a lot to offer. One can choose from the plethora of luxury boutiques and sift through high-end clothing labels. Or one can indulge in the many scents exiting charming restaurants, which pepper the bustling streets. The historic cast-iron buildings are always available for a quick photo-op, and on the right day (or night) celebrity sightings can occur. Yet Soho has something else to offer, which will result in gawking, wondering, and the option of exiting a store with a human skull tucked under your arm.

Finding the Luck of the Irish... in Soho!

Best Soho Bars for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and for most New Yorkers, the festival is a good excuse to do a pub crawl across the city’s many splendid Irish bars. Given that Soho is our Neighborhood of the Month, we decided to sift through the many bars in this fashionable area to find places that will give you an authentic Irish experience in your Soho pub crawl.

Top Five Displays of Public Art in SoHo

Mural at Bowery and Houston

Sure, SoHo has plenty to offer in terms of art galleries, but why not step outside and see what the streets South of Houston have on display.

Top Seven Art Galleries and Museums in SoHo

Best Art Galleries in Soho

Not much is more synonymous with Soho than art. From the family friendly Children's Museum of Art to the brooding artwork at AFA, take a look at some of the best art galleries and museums Soho has to offer.