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SoHo's Million Dollar Studios

SoHo’s 30 story condo at 565 Broome Street is already under construction with its developers expecting to have a sellout of more than $650 million dollars. The project includes Bizzi & Partners Development, Aronov Development, and Halpern Real Estate Venture.

Manhattan Neighborhoods Keep A Modern Edge with New Constructions

Rendering of a penthouse at 20 East End Avenue.

Rendering of a penthouse at 20 East End Avenue via Curbed.

The market for luxury new construction condos is thriving in NYC, and as a result, Manhattan’s neighborhoods have maintained their distinct styles while keeping a modern edge.

Soho Style: The Architecture and Design of Soho's New Constructions

Rendering of views from 10 Sullivan Street luxury condominiums in Soho, Manhattan.

There are plenty of spectacular new construction condos in Soho, and even more are on the way. To be sure, we are very fond of Soho’s exceptional cast-iron architecture; but needless to say, we love its new architecture too.

The Chocolate Factory at 325 West Broadway in Soho Gets a Facelift

The Chocolate Factory at 325 West Broadway in Soho

Sure, Soho is famous for its abundance of classic architecture, but do you sometimes wish that there were something newer and fancier to look at in the neighborhood? Well, DDG Partners seems to have felt the same way on looking at the dreary stretch containing their Chocolate Factory site on 325 West Broadway—that could explain why they have decided to jazz up the block by reimagining the building as a shiny, modern structure made of aluminum and glass.

Soho’s Best Coffee Spots

The Best Places for Coffee in Soho, New York City

In our continuing quest to find all of the best coffee spots in the city, today, we turn our attention to Soho—does the fashion-forward district have a similar grade for its java as well? Well, we went sniffing around South of Houston Street for the smell of fresh-made coffee, and we came back feeling mighty pleased. Much like its famous bars and restaurants, Soho’s cafés are hip and happening, certain to appeal to both the coffee novice and the caffeine enthusiast.

Finding the Luck of the Irish... in Soho!

Best Soho Bars for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and for most New Yorkers, the festival is a good excuse to do a pub crawl across the city’s many splendid Irish bars. Given that Soho is our Neighborhood of the Month, we decided to sift through the many bars in this fashionable area to find places that will give you an authentic Irish experience in your Soho pub crawl.

What Is It About Soho?

Streets of Soho

It’s a fun word to say, that’s a given. Lets say it again: So-ho. But there’s something else about this neighborhood which causes people to flock to it on a nearly religious basis. Very rarely will you run into a New Yorker unable to point you in the direction of the neighborhood’s cast-iron buildings, cobblestone streets, high-end shopping, and highly sought after loft apartments. From Prada to Puma; Chanel to Converse; Swarovski to Stussy, Soho managed to raise itself into a trendy neighborhood with a casual air.

Street Cred Needed: SoHo Condo Residents Chafe Under Artist Rules

The neighborhood of SoHo, or South of Houston Street, is known as one of the most popular -- and one of the priciest -- neighborhoods in Manhattan, alongside the trendy high-rise condos of Chelsea, the stalwart and pre-war Upper East Side, and raucous Greenwich Village. Back in the day SoHo was a haven of artists looking for low rents in the manufacturing district’s industrial work spaces. But now this NYC neighborhood is known less for its poor artists and more as a growing district of affluent families, lush boutiques and converted condo listings. With the demand for SoHo residences at a peak and many artists fleeing to cheaper pastures, some SoHo dwellers are crying foul about an old law that requires residential lofts to be set aside strictly for certified artists. SoHo residents say the law is -- wait for it -- certifiably nuts.