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Dear Rest of Residential Manhattan, FiDi Has Arrived

People of FiDi

It’s been more than a decade since the attack on the World Trade Center. The towers collapsed into nothing. Smoke billowed up and covered neighboring buildings in the Financial District with dust. Chaos ensued within the neighborhood. Families huddled in nearby apartments, shaken by events going outside their dirtied windows. Those on the streets were tarnished with ashes from above. The future of FiDi seemed bleak as it faded beneath ominous clouds of debris. Moving forward seemed inconceivable.

NY Real Estate News Blast: Federal Reserve Snatching Up Treasury Bonds... Stock Market Jumps

The Wall Street BullFrom Fed to buy $300 billion in long-term Treasurys by MarketWatch...

The Federal Reserve's move, one of several actions taken Wednesday aimed at making it less expensive to borrow money, signaled it will boost the size of its balance sheet to more than $4 trillion. Today's moves double the amount of money the central bank has poured into the economy to try to stimulate economic activity.

Here's the immediate market impact...

Stock Market Steady After Gain... Light on the Horizon?

stockStocks didn't fall today. This follows yesterday's largest rally in four months. Could this be because we might be nearing solutions to FASB 157 (mark-to-market) and the Uptick rule? Talks of a fix are boosting confidence in stocks. The fix is the new media buzz... and it's almost comical to finally see Congress giving attention to the mark-to-market issue. We've always argued the rule shouldn't be abolished or suspended.

Goldman Sachs Believes in Real Estate Services Company

gsHow about a (relatively) lighter note? Goldman Sachs has shown confidence in the market and picked up a stake in CB Richard Ellis. Goldman Sachs snagged more than 22 million shares of CBRE, an 8.7% stake, for almost nine figures. Real estate services stocks are low right now... Good pickup for Goldman Sachs? How should they apply their expertise?