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The "Upper West Side" Condos of Canada

Upper West Side Canada

How much would you say a three-bedroom, Upper West Side condo with underground parking goes for? Millions? While the median price for a condo in Manhattan’s Upper West Side today stands at $3.575 million, this one is different and only a fraction of the price, at $289,000. No, that isn’t missing a zero. You can own an Upper West Side condo for less than $300,000, but there’s a catch—it’s in Canada.

The Apthorp Penthouse Additions Not Good Enough for LPC

the Apthorp UWS Condo

Developers of The Apthorp, an Upper West Side icon, have been attempting to bring new penthouses to the roof of the landmarked building since last year, and now Area Property Partners will have to put off the potential addition a little longer. Yesterday, a meeting was held with the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and its back to the drawing board for Area Property Partners.

Restoring and Redesigning the Apthorp

The Apthorp in Manhattan's Upper West Side

The Apthorp is the epitome of elegance on the Upper West Side. Constructed in 1908, the Apthorp reflects the dignified architectural sensibilities of the time. It covers an entire block between 78th and 79th streets; a three-story rusticated base complements the smooth and sharp upper floors. The rectangular and arched windows, along with the ornate roof top cornice, exude a subtle complexity. Gold gazelle heads stick out of wrought-iron gates, which open into a large courtyard. The courtyard features gardens and matching fountains.

The Historic Upper West Side

Central Park West Skyline

Bounded by Central Park on the east and the Hudson River on the west, the Upper West Side stretches from 59th Street to 125th Street, including Morningside Heights. Known for its pre-war low rise historic buildings like the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the Dakota Apartments, Columbia University, Lincoln Center, and several others, the Upper West Side was originally home to Dutch immigrants in the early and mid-seventeenth century.

The New Classics? Is the Glassy Luxury Condominium Out of Fashion?

Luxury Condominium NYC Central Park West 15Imagine walking through New York City in the 1920s. What was different? Well, cars rolled around on what looked like bike tires, women had just received the right to vote, prohibition was in effect, and it was notably harder to find a decent wi-fi signal. But while the Manhattan skyline was notably lower during the Coolidge Administration, the brick and limestone apartment buildings -- today's sought-after pre-war apartment buildings -- were then, and still are, high-style standouts. Which perhaps has something to do with why so many new construction Manhattan condominiums are opting for a look that hearkens back to Manhattan's architectural heyday. Yes, today's classic-style luxury condominiums tend offer all kinds of modern conveniences and luxuries -- the LEED-certified 456 West 19th Street, for instance, pairs classic lines with floor-to-ceiling windows. When it comes to Manhattan condominium aesthetics, though, everything old is seemingly new again.

Apthorp Chronicles: The War Over The Upper West Side Pre-War Condo at 390 West End Avenue

the apthorp pre-war condoEven among the many pre-war condo listings on the Upper West Side, The Apthorp stands out for its impressive pedigree. The building, at 390 West End Avenue, was built by William Waldorf Astor in 1908, and was modeled after the famed Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy. That doesn't exactly bespeak modesty, but a recent restoration has highlighted just how grand (and occasionally grandiose) Astor's vision for The Apthorp actually was. The building itself is stunning, and one of the most impressive pre-war condos in Manhattan. But while The Apthorp is a great building, it has yet to take off as a star NYC condo listing because of the ongoing tussle over that ambitious restoration.

Upper West Side's Apthorp Apartments Going, Going, Almost Gone

Apthorp apartments are selling out fastThis weekend's Times had an exciting writeup of the Upper West Side's Apthorp building. The article confirms what we've been seeing as of late: Units are moving quickly! Your chance to own a piece of this building might be slipping away.

Nine apartments had gone into contract in the last month, for a total of 11. Ms. Lenz said that another “eight or nine” could get signed in the next 10 days. Then there are a number of insiders — tenants who live in the building — who have expressed an interest in buying.

There's still time to be one of the lucky owners of homes in this great luxury prewar. Click here for more on the Apthorp.