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Irish Buyers Invest in Midtown West Condos

Irish investors and buyers in Manhattan luxury real estateThey were here first: Brazil, Russia, India and China. As the American dollar fluctuates, investors from around the world are staking their claim in luxury Manhattan real estate while the exchange rates are ripe and the market is supple with new construction. Back in February, the New Construction Manhattan blog reported that wealthy foreign investors made up approximately 30% of all Manhattan condo buyers. And as the market swings into the second quarter of 2012, the New York Times recently reported that a fifth contender has been collectively and silently sweeping up luxury condos in Midtown West. Here’s a hint: Whether you are observing the view from across Fifth Avenue or the Celtic Sea, the deals that these investors are making will have you green with envy.

Midtown On The Rise: How New Luxury Condos Are Making A Nice Place To Visit Into A Nice Place To Live

Midtown Manhattan Luxury CondosThere's plenty to do in Midtown Manhattan -- New Yorkers know that, and so do the tourists who throng to the luxury shopping on Fifth Avenue and such tourist mainstays as St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Empire State Building, and everything in between. In short, most Manhattan residents and Manhattan visitors think of Midtown Manhattan in the same way: a nice place to visit, shop, and eat, as well as work or take photos, depending on whether you're arriving from within NYC or without. The proliferation of new construction luxury hotels in midtown Manhattan reflect its status as a tourist hub, but those hotels have a secret. Well, two secrets, if you count the secret hamburger joint inside Le Parker Meridien. But the secret that's more important for those browsing Manhattan condo listings, though, is this -- midtown luxury hotels such as Cassa NYC and The Centria are also home to some stunning new construction condominiums for sale. Hotels with residences for sale are nothing new in Manhattan real estate, but what's most striking about these midtown luxury condos is the way in which they've helped change the face of this neighborhood -- and make a very nice place to visit into an increasingly nice place to live.