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The Touraine: A New Manhattan Condominium Construction That Sells

Toll Brothers 861 Lexington The TouraineConventional wisdom lately suggests that New Yorkers in the past couple of years have favored the luxury rental market in lieu of committing to a purchase in a less-than-certain residential real estate market. But the numbers lately beg to differ. The hopeful luxury condominium sales numbers in the third-quarter of 2011 and the increasing popularity of Upper Manhattan residential real estate, means that it's easier than ever for a building to sell out its units and make a splash. So for a building to attract even our attentions here at NCM, it must stand out even more so than usual.

One particular building that has managed to rise above the competion is the Touraine on the Upper East Side. In a neighborhood known for its posh buildings and sterling reputation, the Touraine has been able to make quite the impact -- by selling units based on the strength of floor plans alone, something that has become less common post-2006. How did the Touraine do it? By a combination of smart apartment design and a modern technologically-savvy marketing approach.