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Manhattan Buyers Are Choosing LEED Certified Buildings

Green Leed Certified Luxury NYC BuildingsLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or more commonly known as simply LEED, is one of the biggest buzzwords in real estate right now. In short, it is a set of strategies that are used to evaluate real estate development projects on their effort towards environmental friendliness. In order for a building to be considered LEED certified, it must pass a series of required prerequisites and elective credits set by the U.S. Green Building Council. Once a building has been approved by the Green Building Council, it will then be confirmed and decreed by the Green Building Certification Institute as officially certified. While many people have heard of LEED certified buildings, few New Yorkers can confidently identify the characteristics of green buildings.

Manhattan Apartment Sales Return to Pre-Recession Heights

The Visionaire, a luxury condo in ManhattanDespite the nervous stock market this summer, sales in the Manhattan real estate market are positively stable. While the fear of a relapse in the global economic crisis is still very much a reality in the minds of many potential buyers, the numbers indicate that Manhattan homebuyers are not deterred. The latest trend shows that many Manhattan buyers are now taking advantage of the current market situation and favoring three- to four-bedroom apartments instead of the traditional smaller units. Sales in luxury Manhattan apartments are at their highest point since 2008 and apartments on the Upper West Side are closing at an average of $4.8 million or more.

Sweet Liberty: Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green Shaping Up As Stunning (And Green!) Success Story In Battery Park City

GreenIt's not a secret, but we don't make a big deal of it -- new Manhattan condo listings go up onto New Construction Manhattan every couple of days, every week. You'll find them if you're doing a search for apartment listings in a particular Manhattan neighborhood, but you generally won't find them here at the New Construction Manhattan blog. We're about covering Manhattan Condominiums, at least notionally, as opposed to specific Manhattan condominiums. (Although you don't have to go far to find information on NYC condos, obviously) So why are we making an exception for Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green, a pair of new condo listings in Battery Park City? Because this pair of new green condominiums are that exceptional. Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green aren't the first green condo listings to call Battery Park City home. Both in terms of the sprawling lawns and parks that define Battery Park City's aesthetic and the super-green condominiums already in the neighborhood, Battery Park City is one of Manhattan's greenest neighborhoods.

Christopher Albanese, Visionary Behind The Visionaire, Talks Manhattan Real Estate and Green Condos With New York Times

There's no shortage of places in which to read about Manhattan real estate online -- although obviously you both already know this and have excellent taste if you're reading the New Construction Manhattan blog. But one of the New Construction Manhattan blog's favorite places to read about Manhattan real estate is the weekly 30-Minute Interview at The New York Times, which offers an opportunity for the biggest developers in NYC real estate to talk shop without, you know, talking too much. This week, the Times catches up with Christopher Albanese, the visionary behind The Visionaire, the much-loved green condo building located in Battery Park City. When Albanese speaks, New Construction Manhattan is definitely going to be listening.

Green News: Battery Park's Visionaire Earns LEED Platinum Certification

The Visionare is certified with LEED Platinum StatusThe Visionaire, a tremendous new Green building overlooking the Hudson, has secured LEED Platinum status, just about the most prestigious honor possible for a Green living space. Here's a quote:

“We are extremely proud to have the Visionaire recognized as a ‘Platinum’ building by the U.S.G.B.C., and to continue our pushing of the envelope in sustainability for residential buildings,” George Aridas, executive vice president for the Albanese Organization, told Mixed Use.