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Best (Tourist-Free) Bars in Midtown Manhattan

Best Tourist-Free Bars in Midtown Manhattan

When New Yorkers want to head out for a drink, they are often reluctant to check out the many bars located in Midtown Manhattan—the reason, of course, is Times Square, or rather, the tourist swarms that accumulate around this glitzy little section of this neighborhood.  After all, we just want to be knock off our beers and cocktails in peace—we certainly don’t want to be surrounded by map-wielding sightseers Instagramming every moment of their time in the city.

However, as hard as it may be to believe, there are a few choice bars in the Midtown West area where you can both enjoy a drink and avoid the tourist troves. Most of them are small, intimate spaces, either hidden inside a hotel or tucked away in a nook of the street—you’d probably miss them if you weren’t actually looking out for them. But these bars are definitely worth searching for—check out our list for our favorite places for a drink in the Midtown West neighborhood.

The New Times Square: Big deal for real estate, whether you love it or not

Times Square New York Construction By now you've likely formed an opinion about the recent conversion of much of Times Square into open-air community space. Lots of people love having a worldly New York City centerpiece. Others see nothing but Bloomberg's ham-fist at work. Either way, it's a pretty revolutionary idea, right? Speaking of, here's an interesting article from the Real Deal... Times Square goes from pavement to park. From the article: