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French Election Brings in More Foreign Investors

Trump Soho in ManhattanAnother wave of Manhattan luxury condos are about to become pieds-a-terres, as the recent election in France is prompting the country's wealthiest members to invest in property overseas. New Construction Manhattan has extensively covered international sweeps through the New York real estate market, detailing everything from Irish buyers taking over Midtown, to the high number of Brazilians moving into the city. France is now expected to join the ranks, and these serious, driven buyers are sure to make an impression on the market.

Great Explanations: Donald Trump's Obama-Baiting Gong Show Was All To Sell Condos, Of Course

We've got no real quarrel with Donald Trump here at New Construction Manhattan. Aesthetically, we might favor Superior Ink or HL23 over the "big gold box" style of the older Donald Trump Birth Certificate NYC CondominiumsTrump Manhattan condominiums, but we can certainly see the appeal in new Trump condominiums such as


and Trump Place. And while The Donald's shouty, humorless self-promotion and cartoon ego can make him a little tough to take on television, even we have to give it up for Trump Park Avenue, which is one of the more impressive pre-war condo conversions on Park Avenue, and among the elite pre-war condo conversion listings in all of Manhattan. Yes, Trumpian real estate grandiosity can be a little silly. But no, we've got no problem with his luxury condominiums; luxury condominium listings are kind of our thing. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a good laugh at his expense from time to time. This would be one of those times.

Trump SoHo Set To Open, Trumps Remain America's Number One Resource for Grandiosity, Monied Goofiness

Trump Soho CondominiumsAh, the Trumps. If you were to ask them -- or ask that older, most-orange Trump with the cotton candy hair -- to describe themselves, they'd probably go with something along the lines of "American Aristocracy" or "New York City Real Estate Royalty" or "Manhattan Real Estate Maestros." And while that wouldn't be false, necessarily, it would also be hilarious. This is the paradox of the Trumps: as impressive as their achievements in New York City real estate have been -- and with a few exceptions, that's "fairly impressive" -- the hilarious grandiosity of the Trump brand always manages to make it look faintly ridiculous. Thus the confusion over the impending opening of Trump SoHo, the luxury condominium/luxury hotel development that the Trumps have been working on for years. On the one hand, it's a pretty impressive new condominium. On the other hand: LOL.