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Oh Fudge: How To Avoid Common NYC Apartment Listing Exaggerations, Irks And Other Uncool Things

Reduced Prices in ManhattanDo not adjust your browser. The New Construction Manhattan blog is currently in Service Mode. Which is basically the New Construction Manhattan blog operating as it usually does, only with us taking time out from our usual obsessive analysis of the minutia of the Manhattan condo market to deliver real estate news that those browsing Manhattan apartment listings might actually be able to use. (Don't worry, we won't do the this-is-quite-useful thing too often) Today, via New York Magazine's S. Jhoanna Robledo, comes a guide to the four biggest and most frequent misrepresentations in Manhattan apartment sales. It's not quite accurate to call these common real estate agent fudges "lies" -- but it's not quite accurate to call that glorified walk-in closet a bedroom, either.