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New Luxury Residential Building Tops Out on the Upper East Side

Previous residential buildings at 40 East End Avenue via Christopher Bride/PropertyShark

The luxurious yet comfortable Upper East Side has long been the most sought-after area for New Yorkers to call home. In the past, it may have been difficult to find vacant apartments or townhouses to buy or rent in that area, but lately, new developments have been springing up to give people more opportunities.

From Low-Rise Rental to Boutique Condos

40 East End Avenue currently via Google Maps

A low-rise rental building at 40 East End Avenue was just purchased by Lightstone Group who plan to convert the building from rentals to condominiums.

2nd Ave’s Subway-To-Be

Each day more than 5 million commuters ride the 209 mile-long subway lines. But in a city as wide as New York, 209 miles is far from being enough. Hence the project for the new 2nd Ave subway track, that will add 8.5 miles. Even if it appears to be a drop in the water the addition will tremendously relieve the 4,5,6 lines. 

Central Park: Upper East Side Roots

Central Park From Above

Every summer, thousands of New Yorkers flee the concrete jungle for a less urban environment. Some choose the Appalachian Mountains of the Catskills or Poconos, while others seek the solitude of Fire Island. The ones who remain, however, find their brief hiatus in Central Park.

What Makes The Upper East Side So Unique?

Probably the most upscale residential neighborhood in New York city, the Upper East Side is also one of the few that has been able to keep its essence throughout the years. Combining tradition with elegance and charm, it is a haven for families. As it spreads from the East River to Central Park, its residents will never run out of peaceful places to retreat from their upbeat routine.

Family Friendly Chelsea

An eagle eye view of Chelsea

(Image courtesy of The Illadelph)

During much of its development, New York City catered to families by providing comfortable living space in its Upper East Side and Upper West Side neighborhoods. But with recent construction, change is coming to where families will be able to live in the Midtown to Lower Manhattan as developer Tamarkin Co. unveils news that they’re in current development of a condominium located in West Chelsea.

Downtown Manhattan Becomes Pricier Than Uptown

Downtown Manhattan gets pricier than Uptown

It’s long been a rule of thumb that apartments in Uptown Manhattan, especially those around Central Park, see better asking prices than homes in Downtown Manhattan neighborhoods like Soho, Tribeca and Chelsea. But that rule seems to have been broken now—according to a new report in The Real Deal, the average asking price for a Downtown apartment in the last quarter of 2012 became $2,777 per square foot, nearly $100 more than the price per square foot for a similar unit in Uptown or Midtown Manhattan.

The Upper East Side Keeps Its Charm

New condos in the Upper East Side like 135 East 79th Street follow traditional architectural designs as opposed to modernist styles

The architectural sensibility that is showcased in the Upper East Side section of New York City is one that is quite unique and hard to find in the other neighborhoods that populate the city. The neighborhood’s prewar charm and elegance is something residents of the Upper East Side hold very dear, which is why even new buildings in the neighborhood are expected to follow more traditional design styles, as opposed to the modernist structures that are cropping up elsewhere in the city.

The Novel Approach: Authors and Realtors Join Forces in Marketing Events

Realtors are using author readings during showings of manhattan apartmentsIn the ever-evolving Manhattan real estate market, traditional open houses are becoming archaic. Some realtors have found innovative ways to subliminally advertise their listings to New Yorkers who are unaware of what the city’s busiest borough has to offer. The most popular of these marketing events are book readings by famous authors. These events provide realtors with a fresh perspective on how to market their listings.

Upper East Side Is Priciest Zip Code in America

The Upper East Side is the the most expensive zip code in America

When it comes to talking about the best neighborhoods to live in New York City, Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood has consistently made an appearance in such discussions. If there was, however, any doubt on the exclusivity, grandeur and richness of the homes in the Upper East Side, then this particular news should serve to dispel any fears to the contrary. In Forbes’ annual list of America’s most expensive zip codes, this classic New York City enclave, with its 10065 zip code boasting a median home price of $6.5 million, has trumped other localities in the country to be called the most expensive neighborhood in America.