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Upper East Side Gets a Touch More Modern

Rendering of 1562-1562 Second Avenue via Issac & Stern

After four years of owning the site at 301 East 80th Street–also known as 1538 Second Avenue–Icon Realty Management has finally confirmed plans for a 208,500-square-foot building to rise in the Upper East Side–this is their second large property to be purchased on Second Avenue.

Central Park: Upper East Side Roots

Central Park From Above

Every summer, thousands of New Yorkers flee the concrete jungle for a less urban environment. Some choose the Appalachian Mountains of the Catskills or Poconos, while others seek the solitude of Fire Island. The ones who remain, however, find their brief hiatus in Central Park.

What Makes The Upper East Side So Unique?

Probably the most upscale residential neighborhood in New York city, the Upper East Side is also one of the few that has been able to keep its essence throughout the years. Combining tradition with elegance and charm, it is a haven for families. As it spreads from the East River to Central Park, its residents will never run out of peaceful places to retreat from their upbeat routine.

Real Estate Market Hot in Upper Manhattan

View of Upper Manhattan real estate

What was once the black sheep of Manhattan real estate, Upper Manhattan is now home to some of the hottest luxury apartments for sale. Traditionally encompassing the neighborhoods of Marble Hill, Inwood, Washington Heights, Harlem and part of the Upper West Side, Upper Manhattan contains some of the most historically rich and culturally preserved communities in New York City. New Yorkers who are searching for cheap rents and undiscovered entertainment hubs, like jazz lounges and lighthouses, have flocked to Upper Manhattan neighborhoods like Washington Heights and Harlem in recent years. For many young couples and artists, the quasi-suburban neighborhoods of Upper Manhattan have become a great alternative to buying in Midtown West and Midtown East.

125th Street's Development Boom

New Manhattan developments on 125th StreetOne street in Manhattan is about to gain 350,000 square feet of new development, and it’s not what you may think. 125th Street, often considered Upper Manhattan’s Main Street of sorts, will grow yet again thanks to three initiatives spearheaded by the New York City Department of City Planning and Economic Development Corporation. The former’s 2008 rezoning and the latter’s two pet projects, CREATE @ Harlem Green and the Corn Exchange Building restoration, will serve as anchors to make the 125th Street corridor one of Manhattan’s most important. In doing so, it will serve as a hub for new residential and commercial development as well as a catalyst for the continued growth of Upper Manhattan.

Is Upper West Side Luxury Condo Linden 78 Ready For Its Comeback?

Linden 78 Upper West Side Luxury Condos We at New Construction Manhattan have had our collective eye -- we just share one, it's more convenient -- on Upper West Side luxury condo Linden 78 since it was first announced back in 2009. There's a lot to like, after all: top-tier new construction finishes and amenities share space with elegant condos that have spacious dimensions and soaring ceilings that are more-or-less pre-war in their graciousness. But while Linden 78 inarguably rates among the most interesting new condo listings on the Upper West Side, it has spent the last six months as just that: a listing. Calls to Linden 78's sales office weren't answered, and the building was wrapped up in a series of legal and financial entanglements. Now, finally, comes some good news: the phones are being picked up at Linden 78's sales office, and indications are that Linden 78 could begin sales within the next month. This is good news for a number of reasons.

Harlem Shuffle: Condo Prices Coming Down Uptown?

Condo Prices in HarlemSince its real estate renaissance began over a decade ago, Upper Manhattan condos have staked a compelling claim as both some of the nicest (and in some instances greenest) new apartments for sale in Manhattan and some of the greatest values in NYC condos. With a bumper crop of new condominiums in Harlem, Washington Heights and Morningside Heights set to open soon, the Upper Manhattan condo market is suddenly glutted. You don't need to be an economics professor to know what happens next -- the sudden boom in supply has led to lower prices, deeper concessions and a burgeoning buyer's market in Upper Manhattan condominiums.