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Top 5 Museums in the Upper West Side

Upper West Side Museums

Manhattan is well-known for its bevy of world-renowned cultural institutions. In any given neighborhood, there's little difficulty finding a museum to visit. In fact, sometimes there's just so much to choose from that it complicates things. We'll make it easy for you. Here are the top museums in the Upper West Side.

Upper West Side Shelter Rejected By Neighbors

Front of the Freedom House in the Upper West Side

Neighborhood in the Nineties, a non-profit group representing residents of the Upper West Side between 90th and 97th have their claws out.

Top Five Restaurants for Outdoor Dining in the Upper West Side

Outdoor Dining Upper West Side

Like it or not, Summer will soon be coming to an end. The next couple of weeks could be your last chance to enjoy your food alfresco, so we've made your search a little bit easier. Here are our top five restaurants for outdoor dining in the Upper West Side.

A House Divided: The “Poor Door” Controversy in the Upper West Side

Poor Door Controversy on the Upper West Side

While it goes without saying that affordable housing is nearly impossible to find in Manhattan, especially with realty prices soaring, the development project at 40 Riverside Boulevard is offering mixed-income housing with luxury condos and affordable apartments in the same building. Among the 274 planned units of the 33-story building, 219 will be luxury condos on the upper floors facing the Hudson River while the remaining 55 units will be designated as affordable housing units with a designated separate entrance, that has become known as the controversial “poor door.” The site’s developer, Extell, has sparked a classist controversy and outrage for this plan to have income-segregated entrances. Extell plans for a mixed-income building due to the potential tax breaks it will receive through the 421a tax exemption program, yet the perceived separate-but-equal logic of the segregated entrances has produced considerable backlash against Extell.

NYLO Returns the Upper West Side to the Roaring Twenties

New York in the 1920s

In the wake of Baz Luhrmann’s re-imagining of The Great Gatsby, New York City has been brought back in time to the Roaring Twenties and its styles. Twenties themed events ranging from lawn parties and weddings have sprung up around the city in the past year as New Yorkers are eager to relive the times of the Harlem Renaissance and Jazz Age. On The Ave hotel at 77th street and Broadway is the latest addition to the trend as it puts the finishing touches on a 1920s makeover that opens in early September.