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What is the Fate of South Street Seaport’s Redevelopment?

South Street Seaport, Howard Hughes Corporation, Pier 17, Community Conflict

                         Rendoring of Howard Hughes Corporation's Pier 17 Redevelopment

Redevelopment of historic South Street Seaport has been a hot-button issue since Hurricane Sandy ravaged lower Manhattan in 2012, and the fate of the iconic waterfront remains unclear.

Tribeca Condominium Project is Resurrected

A plan to turn a vacant Tribeca lot into two new condominiums is once again underway after an almost nine year delay. Developers Andreas Giacoumis, along with Darrin Krampus of BORO Architects, presented Committee Board 1 with original designs for 246 Front Street and 267 Water Street, which were supposed to be erected in 2003 when the Landmark Preservation Commission approved the plans. The economy experienced a sharp downturn, however, and developers became wary of building new property throughout Manhattan neighborhoods, so the project was stalled.