Articles on West Village Condominiums

Renovations in the West Village Suggest Increased High-End Movement

It’s difficult to believe the WRenovations are happening in the West Villageest Village is ground zero for new high-end real estate. Anyone who walks through that part of Manhattan will see that not only is most of the space all taken up, but its taken up by small, independent boutiques, dive bars, and prewar multi-family townhouses and brownstones. Not exactly the stuff that surrounds luxury Manhattan condos. But there’s been an influx of high-end development in the area recently, and several ultra-luxury Manhattan condos for sale are scheduled to open over the next few years. How are developers dealing with the space constraints? They’re focused entirely on redevelopment. Which means that many of the West Village’s old and derelict commercial buildings are becoming new, modern luxury condos.

A Look at the Luxury Condo Buildings Scheduled to Open in 2012

In continuing with our covLuxury condo openings in 2012erage of how the real estate market will play out in 2012, we’d like to direct your attention to this handy map Curbed NY put together, which compiles all the new luxury condo buildings scheduled to open in the next year. As of right now, there are 11 condo buildings and 2 rentals with plans to go live this year. A few of these luxury condos for sale have gained a fair amount of notoriety over the course of their development. Walker Tower, for instance, is a Tribeca pre-war skyscraper famed for the architect—Frank Lloyd Wright competitor Ralph Walker—who initially designed it in the 1920s. The comprehensive list is available at Curbed, but there are a few buildings that have caught our eye.

Room(s) With A City View: Growing Market Among Growing Families For Bigger Manhattan Apartments

Larger looking for larger apartments in ManhattanAccording to an article in Wednesday's New York Times, three-bedroom Manhattan apartments and four-bedroom apartments are all the rage amongst families. It makes arithmetical sense, of course -- more kids, more bedrooms, Q.E.D. -- but the boom in sales of three- and four-bedroom Manhattan apartments indicates that a demographic that traditionally hightails it to the suburbs might be opting for Manhattan condos instead. Despite the fact that new condominium sales have been comparatively flat over the past year, sales of three-bedroom and four-bedroom Manhattan apartments have drastically increased -- whether it's because families are looking for more space for their children, space for guest bedrooms, or a tricked-out media room varies from case to case, of course. But clearly there's something going on here.