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Yorkville New Constructions Continue to Fill Luxury Residential Demand

Rendering of the lobby at 180 East 88th Street with vaulted ceilings

Rendering of the unique lobby at 180 East 88th Street in Yorkville.

As the Second Avenue subway nears completion, developers continue to invest in new construction projects around the Yorkville area. Industry experts are certain that the previously overlooked neighborhood in the Upper East Side will see an injection of renewed interest, especially in the luxury sector. These four new luxury condos in particular provide great opportunities for apartment hunters and prospective homebuyers to enter the Manhattan market.

Upper East Side Revitalized by the Second Avenue Subway Station

The Second Avenue Subway, also known as the subway line that was never built, is scheduled to open its first phase to the public on December 30th of next year. Since the opening of the 7 Line’s new subway station at 34th and Hudson Yards in September, developers are exploring some of the most isolated parts of the city.

Train of Thought: UES Buyers See Potential in Second Avenue Subway

Second Ave Subway UES
Photo Courtesy B. Kabak/Flickr

Typically a quiet neighborhood, the Upper East Side has been generating some substantial noise recently, both in the literal and figurative sense. Construction on the Second Avenue Subway, infamously known as “The Line That Time Forgot,” is moving along, with the first phase of the project on track for completion in December 2016. And with that progress, those shopping for a new home see the long-term potential of a home east of Lexington Avenue.