Mega-Glassy Condominium Plans Unveiled for Riverside South

Riverside South in Manhattan40 Riverside Boulevard will soon be home to a new 650,000 square-foot mega-glassy condominium. Nearly a dozen apartment buildings have been built at Riverside South and the site at 40 Riverside Boulevard will be one of the final projects in the area, offering Upper West Side residents the chance to live in the glassiest condo in the neighborhood with unobstructed views of the Hudson River.

The new tower will rise 33 stories into the Manhattan skyline, ranging in apartment size from one-bedroom condos to duplexes and even single-floor apartments reported Crain’s New York. Developer Goldstein Hill & West Architects are no strangers to the Upper West Side; partner Stephen Hill has taken part in developing Riverside South for years now. Through him, the architectural firm also had a hand in developing The Rushmore condos, as well as the Aldyn and luxury rental building, the Ashley.

When construction will begin on 40 Riverside Boulevard is still unknown, but a rendering (pictured above) shows what the glassy tower is planned to look like. The developers have more flexible guidelines when it comes to the plans for this new building than they did for other buildings in the area, allowing them to make a glassier façade when compared to other developments in the Upper West Side’s Riverside South area.

Riverside South has been under development since 1992 when Donald Trump developed the area under plans approved by the city for the 77-acre space. The northern section of the area became known as Trump Place under his jurisdiction. Since 2005, Extell has taken over development and designed several buildings in the area. Last year, Extell’s plans to build Riverside Center were approved by the city; plans include five high-rise buildings. 40 Riverside Terrace will be sleek and modern in look and also offer unique amenities. The base of the building will be made of stone, but as the building rises, the façade will transition to glass. The new construction building will not only offer a variety of different sized apartments, but amenities as well that include swimming pools and regulation-size basketball courts.