Manhattan Buyers Are Choosing LEED Certified Buildings

Green Leed Certified Luxury NYC BuildingsLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or more commonly known as simply LEED, is one of the biggest buzzwords in real estate right now. In short, it is a set of strategies that are used to evaluate real estate development projects on their effort towards environmental friendliness. In order for a building to be considered LEED certified, it must pass a series of required prerequisites and elective credits set by the U.S. Green Building Council. Once a building has been approved by the Green Building Council, it will then be confirmed and decreed by the Green Building Certification Institute as officially certified. While many people have heard of LEED certified buildings, few New Yorkers can confidently identify the characteristics of green buildings.

The benefits of LEED certified luxury condo buildings are plentiful for both developers and potential buyers alike. For developers, it could mean a reduced operating cost in building construction, increased building value, occupancy and a greater return on investments. In general, buildings are not assessed on the extravagance of the system but rather how efficient it is. For example, buildings that use natural gas to power its system produce 45% and 30% less carbon monoxide than coal and oil fueled systems respectively. In addition, residents of these units will also benefit from the environmentally sound designs from lower monthly utilities, a significant reduction in carbon footprint and greater building longevity and sustainability.

A quick search for luxury green condominiums on New Construction Manhattan yield over 25 equally environmentally conscious buildings. From the Laurel and the Miraval Living on the Upper East Side to the Superior Ink and One Jackson Square in the West Village, these are all some of the finest residential green buildings in Manhattan. One building that rise above them all though, is the Visionaire in Battery Park City. The Visionaire at 70 Little West Street is considered to be one of the city’s first Platinum Certified LEED building. In addition to the impressive height and exterior design, the Visionaire contains a boastful volume of building amenities. Valet service, children playroom with nursery, on-site parking and a private yoga studio with accompanying day spa are just some of the many services that the Visionaire has to offer on top of being a leader in the real estate green movement. As more developers and buyers get a hold of the benefits of LEED certified buildings, this might be just the beginning of the “green” building era yet.