Augmented Reality Now a Reality in Manhattan Real Estate

NewConstructionManhattan augmented reality Layar appFrom videogames to live performances from long deceased rappers, the media’s coverage of augmented reality in the recent months has been comprehensive to say the least. First introduced as the future of interactive media, augmented reality has become a frontrunning and must-have technological tool for industries from fashion merchandizing to Manhattan real estate. Never one to shy away from the next great breakthrough in real estate and technology, the New Construction Manhattan blog wants to give you an exclusive first look at our dabble in augmented reality with the New Construction Manhattan mobile application.

While the developers behind the NCM Layar application are always improving and building upon the current version of the application, users can already interact and experience a wide array of readily available functions. The current version 1.0 of the NCM application will support a real-time augmented reality enhanced search of luxury Manhattan condos around the user’s vicinity. Whether you are in the trendy streets of Tribeca or the upscale neighborhoods of the Upper East Side, the NCM Layar app will not only allow you to see which buildings are available in the area but more specifically which apartments are for sale, the building’s amenities, and how to get in contact with the sales team as well. The NCM app is also fully integrated with all your favorite social media channels, so sharing that dream Manhattan apartment with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers is just a click away.

Manhattan luxury real estate Layar appThe New Construction Manhattan augmented reality application will be available through Layar; one of the most popular open source mobile application which offers developers the chance to create and publish their own AR application in the Layar exclusive marketplace. The Layar application is currently available for Apple iPhone, Android and Symbian users through their application stores. For more information regarding availability and compatibility, check out the official NCM Layar webpage.