Battery Park City Realizes Its Potential

Battery Park City in New York CityEnter Battery Park City, the world of business professionals and a choice condo market in Manhattan. With its close proximity to the Financial District and all the stirrings of Wall Street, the neighborhood is a hotbed of activity, filled with the discussions of bank analysts and the activities and young professionals and new families. A progressive neighborhood through and through, Battery Park City is filled with residents that exhibit a youthful and forward-thinking lifestyle, and Battery Park City’s condo market is an trendy choice for residents seeking to experience the liveliness of Lower Manhattan.

Originally a 92-acre planned community in Southwestern Manhattan, the neighborhood has served its function well as the home for many professionals in the Financial District. Built directly from the earth and nearby materials, Battery Park City appeals to many in Manhattan for its spaciousness, fresh air, and scenic views. Recently, the neighborhood has played a role in becoming a home for the employees and workers of Goldman Sachs. With a new building at 200 West Street, Goldman Sachs has in a sense transformed the area, buying and converting several properties into new constructions designed for the use and living ease of its workers. And for these businessmen and women, the offerings of the neighborhood suit their needs perfectly, with groceries, fine restaurants, and entertainment aplenty.

The advent of the Goldman world with Goldman alley and businesses that function largely based on Goldman Sachs professionals, it’s no surprise why the condo market in this area is growing into a coveted locale. Properties such as The Riverhouse feature asking prices up to almost 4.5 million dollars for a 4-bedroom property. Meanwhile, condominiums such as Liberty Green and Liberty Luxe demonstrate the green potential and forward-thinking qualities of Battery Park City with LEED-certification. As a neighborhood catering to the interests of many young individuals from Goldman Sachs, Battery Park City has more than demonstrated its market’s ability to host the interests of the modern Manhattan professional.