Is $75 Million Too Much for a Riverside Condominium?

A triplex apartment at The Heritage at Trump Place is asking a whopping $75 million.There is a lot to be said about the Heritage at Trump Place, one of the many high-end Manhattan apartments for sale at this time. With the upward progression occurring in Manhattan’s real estate sales market, a $75 million triplex apartment is not that far-fetched. A lot of configurations have been made on the part of Donald Trump and his partners. New developments are being made for the growth and expansion of Riverside Boulevard.

After many decades and configurations, the Riverside Boulevard complex is now home to The Heritage at Trump Place located at West 72nd and Riverside Park, with that comes its $75 million triplex. This Riverside condominium no different from the many New York City attractions, and given the Empire State building feel, it’s an attraction in itself.

There aren’t any listings online for this astonishing Riverside condominium as of yet. However, the apartment on a whole is said to be 11,000 square feet and 5,156 per square foot. This triplex is a combination of six apartments in one, which includes a jellyfish tank and safe rooms. There are many debates on whether or not this high-end Riverside condominium is worth the price, but with sales flying through the roof for high-end apartments in Manhattan, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if someone invested $75 million for this home.

Riverside Boulevard is home to a number of new developments such as The Rushmore and The Aldyn, and more expansions are continuously being made to the southern area. New Riverside condominiums, planned parks, schools and community centers are expected to be added to Riverside Boulevard. With buyers investing in many high-end apartments across the city, Donald Trump and his partners are seizing the opportunity by continuing to provide Manhattanites with enough condominiums and amenities to choose from. As the these projects continue to grow and develop, buyers will have a lot more to look forward to.