The Upper East Side Keeps Its Charm

Posted on Mon, 01-14-2013

The architectural sensibility that is showcased in the Upper East Side section of New York City is one that is quite unique and hard to find in the other neighborhoods that populate the city. The neighborhood’s prewar charm and elegance is something residents of the Upper East Side hold very dear, which is why even new buildings in the neighborhood are expected to follow more traditional design styles, as opposed to the modernist structures that are cropping up elsewhere in the city.

As a result, while glassy structures like One57 make their presence felt in Midtown Manhattan, the Upper East Side continues to showcase limestone facades and other traditional elements in its new buildings at 135 East 79th Street and 200 East 79th Street. But these classic designs don’t seem to have deterred homebuyers in the city—in fact, 38 of the 39 apartments offered at 200 East 79th Street are in contract, and almost half of the 30 apartments at 135 East 79th Street are in contract.

A report in The New York Times says that residents of the Upper East Side have been quite vocal in wanting developers of new buildings in the area to follow designs that fit in with the neighborhood’s general theme and culture.  Real estate developers seem only too glad to comply with their demands, since the few glassy towers that have been built in the area haven’t had the glittering sales results as seen by the newly constructed “classic” buildings in the Upper East Side.

The reason for the lackluster response to the glassy buildings in the Upper East Side has been attributed to , who are often people looking to live in the neighborhood and become part of the community. Such buyers would therefore want to “fit in” with their neighbors, and hence would be inclined to buy homes that go with the general theme of the neighborhood, as opposed to structures that stick out like a sore thumb in the region.

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