FiDi Has The Happiest Hours

Tasty Happy Hour Drinks

Most New Yorkers dream of Friday as they sway on full train carts, weave through crowded streets, and stare aimlessly at a computer screen for eight hours. Dream no more my friends, for Friday is here and that glorious beacon of hope we call the weekend is approaching. But, before we rush into Saturday, let us first make a toast for our survival of this week during happy hour. Here are some places down in FiDi which have impressive happy hour specials.

Inside the Fresh SaltFresh Salt

Situated near the South Street Seaport, this homely bar and cafe is on 146 Beekman Street. The building it resides in is decorated in red brick, with an old washed out advertisement on it stating “Fresh Salt, and Smoked Fish” (which is where its name originally came from). Neon lights hum within the dimly bar which is mostly fashioned with wide paneled wood giving it a rustic feel. Light atmosphere gives way to casual conversation as music quietly plays in the background. Happy hour begins at 4pm and ends at 8pm, giving ample hours of after work drinking. Fresh Salt offers well drinks and draft beers for $4.

Inside SuspendersSuspenders

There to hold you up after a daunting day of work, Suspenders is a bar and restaurant on 111 Broadway, just several doors away from the Cipriani Club Residences. Oftentimes missed due it’s location (it’s nestled between a Subway sandwich store and an actual subway entrance down a short flight of stairs from the street) Suspenders has dubbed itself FiDi’s best kept secret. Lacking any windows due to its semi-underground location, compensation is made in mirrored walls, ample lighting, and a large projector screen for sports viewing. During happy hour (4pm - 7pm) the full bar offers up $4 draft beers, $5 mixed drinks, and a buy one get one special (for ladies only - sorry guys).

Ei8thstone Luxurious Bar

Ei8ht Stone Bar & Restaurant

Residing in the Double Tree Hotel, which is close to luxurious Cocoa Exchange, is Ei8ht Stone Bar & Restaurant. Named after it’s address (8 Stone Street) this bar gives a more modern look to happy hour. With it’s polished marble bar and rich red furniture, dining and drinking feels more luxurious. Happy hour here is extensive, lasting from the peak of afternoon until later in the evening at 7pm. Specials are impressive with Miller Lite bottles selling for $3, wine and all mixed drinks going for $4, and Martinis, Manhattans, Cosmopolitans and Long Island Iced Teas being sold for $6.  

Being as the ‘Margarita Gods’ have dubbed today ‘National Margarita Day’ there are a couple of spots worth checking out in FiDi which are in the business of making margaritas magical.

The Exterior of Mad Dog

The first one is Mad Dog and Beans, located on 83 Pearl Street. This contemporary Mexican restaurant and bar specializes in the more traditional cuisine from Mexico. Spanish music drowns the interior, making for a lively and upbeat atmosphere. That is until happy hour is in session, which cues rock music to takeover and drown the bar area. In honor of this blessed day, they’re serving up $6 margaritas (choose from one of their many flavors), and today only, upon that first sip, you’ll be entered in a sweepstakes to win a free iPad mini. Mad Dog and Beans is open for business from 11:30am until 2am.

Cowgirl Sea Horse's Interior

Also down in FiDi, lies the ‘sister’ of the Cowgirl restaurant in West Village, simply dubbed Cowgirl Sea-Horse. It’s physical address is 259 Front Street, just a short way from the South Street Seaport. With its weathered brick walls and long, polished wooden bar, this restaurant serves a combination of seafood and tex-mex food. During happy hour (4pm - 7pm) however, the bar is mixing up $5 frozen margaritas, serving $3.50 draft beers and $4 cups of wine.  The frozen margaritas are served in a mason jar with salt around the rim - naturally. With a handsome red sea-horse dangling from an above fire escape, Cowgirl Sea-Horse may be hard to not miss.