Back In Action: 15 Renwick's "New"-New Facelift

New Renwick Street Rendering


It’s been a long several years for 15 Renwick Street. The former brownstone located on the seemingly quiet street of Renwick was demolished back in 2008. The demolition was set to make way for a new luxury condominium, compliments of Ismael Leyva Architects with Douglas Elliman at the helm. Yet, the 70,000-square foot development site (located in the western portion of the Soho neighborhood) has been sitting undone since 2009, and now has renderings out flaunting a new facade.

15 Renwick Street is also in new hands. After a foreclosure lawsuit in 2010 (faced by previous property owner Harry Jeremias) the lot has been left with a lonely foundation. Allegations were being placed on Jeremias for defaulting on a $55.3 million loan, leading the potential building to the chopping block. The foreclosure was complete on Saturday, and now the New York-based Izaki Group Investments real estate firm has taken possession of the abandoned lot.

Old Renwick Rendering

Previous renderings (right) of what is being called ‘The Renwick’, portrayed your standard glistening tower made of glass. Ismael Leyva (the architectural mind behind the Chelsea neighborhood's YVES) had plans to give the building 13-stories and 44 luxury apartment units.Yet the new renderings (above) are giving glimpses of a darker, yet modern facade of steel and glass, and a lot more greenery. Although the building’s official website is simply letting those interested know that it’s ‘under construction’ over at ODA (who is now the building’s designated designer) building information and pictures are given.

Curbed has previously drooled over the former 15 Renwick’s amenities. The building was being set to have a 50-foot lap pool, sauna, underground garage, gym with private trainer, private library, and Bang & Olufsen audio-video systems integrated into each unit. Nothing is now being said about any Bang & Olufsen systems, nor is a pool being mentioned. The building is being said to offer one to five bedroom apartments, it will house private parking, an English garden and roof deck. There will be 31 units with the addition of penthouses offering views of the Hudson River and townhouses with private backyards as well.

Construction has yet to fully commence over on Renwick Street but the previous site was being said to take 15 months to finish. We’ll see if IGI will speed up the process of this long-stalled project.