Giving The TriBeca Townhouse Another Shot

Inside TriBeca Townhouse

TriBeca is mostly known for its pre-war luxury lofts and gleaming condominium buildings. As well as its cobblestoned streets and high-end shopping. Rarely would one expect to find a townhouse situated amongst the other residential dwellings. Yet expectations are often misleading, and within the stylish neighborhood, on 452 Greenwich Street, low-and-behold a townhouse stands on a corner, facing north.

More commonly (and rightfully) dubbed the TriBeca Townhouse, this rarity is one of the oldest residential properties within the neighborhood. It was built back in 1819, constructed in red brick, and was initially a quaint two-story building. Extensive renovations were made throughout the years. In 1852 two more floors were added, and a restaurant was housed on the first floor while the upper floors remained as residential quarters. Today, the TriBeca Townhouse is a complete four-story luxury residence, and is located next to the TriBeca Summit (the historic landmark building on 415 Greenwich Street).

Last June, the townhouse hit the market. Sean McCarthy (the current owner) placed an asking price of $24.5 million on the premise. Back in 2003, he purchased it for $5.65 million and continued the renovations with a more modern approach. A single-car garage with a legal curb cut has been implemented into the dwelling, along with a wine room able to hold 2,500 bottles, a laundry room in the basement, and a media room. The more old-fashioned amenities such as the billiards room and the wood-burning fireplaces have been untouched, as well as the 1,200 square foot rooftop (although it’s been newly vegetated).

Perhaps McCarthy’s initial asking price was somewhat bloated. It’s been cut quite a bit, and the TriBeca Townhouse is now selling for $19.5 million. It’s the only townhouse in the neighborhood, and it’s offering up very enticing amenities. Perhaps this time around it’s rarity will be realized and it will snag a buyer.