The Chocolate Factory at 325 West Broadway in Soho Gets a Facelift

Posted on Fri, 03-22-2013

Sure, Soho is famous for, but do you sometimes wish that there were something newer and fancier to look at in the neighborhood? Well, DDG Partners seems to have felt the same way on looking at the dreary stretch containing their Chocolate Factory site on 325 West Broadway—that could explain why they have decided to jazz up the block by reimagining the building as a shiny, modern structure made of aluminum and glass.

As its name suggests, the Chocolate Factory building was once a place that used to manufacture the delectable confections known as Tootsie Rolls. But this once-unglamorous building is going tobecome an in-demand address once DDG completes its revamp of the building in 2015. The new structure, which will consist of a glass-walled structure covered by a cast aluminum screen, easily fits in with the trendiness that has become associated the Soho neighborhood.

has commended the new design of 325 West Broadway, noting that the new nine-story building will be a welcome departure from “the drab 19th century pile” that surrounds it. The Landmarks Preservation Commission also seemed to be especially pleased with the new design, with the body granting the plans drafted by DDG’s in-house architect Peter Guthrie their unanimous approval this week.

The new building will find among its neighbors new buildings like the Soho Mews and 350 West Broadway, both of which have been . It is certainly safe to expect the 325 West Broadway to do brisk business as well—after all, besides its distinct architecture, the building has the good fortune to be located in Soho, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York City.

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