What Is It About Soho?

Posted on Fri, 03-01-2013

It’s a fun word to say, that’s a given. Lets say it again: So-ho. But there’s something else about this neighborhood which causes people to flock to it on a nearly religious basis. Very rarely will you run into a New Yorker unable to point you in the direction of the neighborhood’s cast-iron buildings, cobblestone streets, high-end shopping, and highly sought after loft apartments. From Prada to Puma; Chanel to Converse; Swarovski to Stussy, Soho managed to raise itself into a trendy neighborhood with a casual air.

Broadway, its most known street, is always bustling. Surrounding stores have a constant flow of incoming and outgoing customers; bags swing from arms attached to smiling faces. Celebrities often grace these streets, unable to turn away from their favorite designer boutiques and charming restaurants. Its name comes from its location (Soho translates to South of Houston) yet some have been dubbing it as the “new 5th Avenue.”

Those who call Soho home are contemporary, stylish, and educated. Out of the 11,301 Soho natives, 48.6% of them are single, and both males and females dwelling within the dynamic neighborhood range in age from the early twenties to late thirties. Young and successful, with a median income of around $64,000, they can be seen looking down on the busy streets. Renting out admirable apartments and condos with ease, they’ve been attracted to this area, which is easily recognized as ‘hip’ and has the ability to charm a plethora of visitors on a daily basis.

The dwellings within Soho have paved the way for much of the city’s architectural aspirations. Being as it was an industrial zone, it proudly boasts a large amount of cast-iron architecture--the largest collection in the world, actually. The lofts within these cast-iron buildings have high ceilings and an abundance of oversized windows--prized premises for painters and artists in general, being as light is a thoroughly important aspect of their creativity and here, it flows freely. Like the intimate apartment building on 470 Broome Street, for example. It’s floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious quarters are the exact properties one would expect to find in this neighborhood of industrial background.   

While Soho has recently said adieu (for now) to its ever popular ‘Fashion’s Night Out,’ visitors of these cobblestone streets will not dwindle. With so much to offer in the ways of shopping, restaurants and beautiful, airy lofts, Soho natives, eager shoppers, and curious tourists should find themselves in a neighborhood they’ll see difficult to leave. The historic neighborhood has given loft apartments to many famous artists; is often the backdrop of high-end fashion photo-shoots; has unique boutiques for a wide array of shopping, and has found itself as being home to the majestic Trump Soho Condominium Hotel.

Lets say it one more time: So-ho.

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