Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Manhattan (East Village, West Village and Greenwich Village)

Best Coffee Shops in East Village, Greenwich Village, West Village

In our continuing attempt to find all of New York’s best coffee joints, today, we head to Manhattan’s three villages to find out what delightful concoctions they have to offer. Be it on a rainy day like today, or a sunny spring morning in the future, these three neighborhoods—East Village, West Village and Greenwich Village—have a number of warm, friendly coffee shops where you can enjoy a good, fresh cup of java. Here are our favorite stops for our daily caffeine fixes:

i Am Coffee, East Village

I Am Coffee | 9 Saint Marks Place, East Village

With a name as imposing as “I Am Coffee,” our expectations were high when we entered this hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in the East Village—and lets just say this little café bowled us over with their offerings. Sure, you can find regular favorites like cappuccinos and lattes here, but we would advise you to be a little more daring and check out their custom creations instead—try the chocolate espresso: your life will never be the same again.

Prodigy Coffee, West Village

Prodigy Coffee | 33 Carmine Street, West Village

Once again, it was the name of this establishment that drew us in—and yes—no surprises here—we were extremely pleased with the coffee that was served in this café. For those of you want “an authentic New York coffee shop experience,” this place has a particularly relaxing vibe that is too good to ignore. The house coffee here is from Brazil, and it has a strong, full-bodied flavor that is certain to boost your spirits as soon as you take your first sip.

Paradis To Go, Greenwich Village

Paradis To Go | 114 Fourth Avenue Greenwich Village

Located a short walk away from Union Square, this quaint shop is known for its coffee concoctions as well as its tasty sandwiches. The menu here changes almost every day, and a special mention must be made for their vegetarian offerings. So, it’s not just about the coffee at Paradis—this cozy spot has a lot more to offer. We are huge fans of their chocolate chip cookies—they are the perfect companion to the steaming cups of joe you’ll enjoy here.

Madman Espresso, East Village

Madman Espresso | 319 East 14th Street, East Village

What is it with coffee shops and their quirky names? But Madman Espresso is definitely trying to live up to its name—they advertise their coffee as being “mad good,” and yes, we do agree with that sentiment. This shop may have opened only a few months ago, but they are certainly generating a fan following for their flavorful espresso drinks and their delicious cakes. We have heard a lot of good things about “The Pour Over” served at Madman—let us know what you think of it.

Which are your favorite go-to places for coffee in Downtown Manhattan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.