Extra, Extra! The Printing House Has Extra!

The Printing House West Village

The Printing House in the West Village is somewhat old news. Having been constructed in 1910, and converted into a residential loft rental building back in 1979 - then again converted to condominiums in 1987 - we can all but shrug upon hearing it mentioned. But don’t get bored just yet. Developers have made some mighty conversions to several of the quarters within the century-old printing house located on 421 Hudson Street.

While the West Village neighborhood has been bustling with brand new developments such as 150 Charles Street, Myles Horn (the developer of The “New” Printing House) told Broker’s Weekly that he chose to make the job “different from . . . all the glass towers.” He purchased 100 of the unsold units within the building back in 2011. The previous units offered one-, to two-bedrooms (primarily duplexes), yet Horn has transformed them into 60 larger units of one to four bedrooms.

Horn also had his eyes set on the old building’s common areas and lobby. Architect Andrew Kotchen of Workshop/apd was chosen to not only re-imagine the new loft-style quarters, but the lobby as well - Kotchen has been dubbing the changes to the lobby as “rustic modernism.” Horn also teamed up with Gunn Landscape Architecture in the development of private mews, which the building’s website has been calling “a shaded oasis within the urban landscape.”

Printing House New Unit

Sales of the units began a few weeks ago with prices ranging from $1.5 to $7 million, yet The Printing House website has added new photos (right) of the quarters only a couple of days ago. The fresh apartments boast the rarity of 15-foot ceilings and range from 900 square feet to over 3,000 square feet in space. A second level overlooking the living room area has been built in to make for a flexible living environment, and each quarter is strikingly different from the next.

Extra perks have also been added for those thinking of purchasing one of The Printing House’s newly renovated quarters. Developers will be giving a complimentary one-year membership to not only the state-of-the-art Equinox Gym located within the building, but to the Biscuit and Bath dog-care center in the neighborhood, and the Children’s Museum of Art as well.