Gramercy Park: Where the Stars Come to Play

Celebrities in Gramercy Park

Over the past few weeks, we have given you several reasons as to why you should consider moving to the Gramercy Park neighborhood in Manhattan. Be it the luxury of having a private park to yourself, or simply the joy of having an assortment of great cafes to choose from every day, it is almost guaranteed that you will have a great lifestyle if you move to Gramercy Park.

Now, if you are still unconvinced about how desirable this neighborhood is, maybe a look at some of the celebrities that live here will help change your mind. Here, in no particular order, are some of Gramercy Park’s most famous and notable residents.

Jimmy Fallon Gramercy Park

#1 Jimmy Fallon

Funnyman Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s Late Night talk show, owns a home at 34 Gramercy Park East, which happens to be the oldest co-op building in New York City. Fallon first bought a pair of apartments at this address in 2004 (which he tried to sell for $3.75 million in 2006), and then followed that up with the purchase of another apartment here for $1.35 million in 2010.

Julia Roberts Gramercy Park

#2 Julia Roberts

While the effervescent actress does have apartments in other Manhattan neighborhoods, Julia Roberts has been the proud owner of a penthouse apartment at 7 Gramercy Park West since 1993. Her residence at this address means that Roberts also has an exclusive key to Gramercy Park, where she has often been spotted playing with her three young children.

Rufus Wainwright Gramercy Park

#3 Rufus Wainwright

Unlike some of his celebrity neighbors, singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright owns a small studio apartment in Gramercy Park. While he shares the 450-square-foot apartment with his husband, Jörn Weisbrodt, both of them currently lead lifestyles that involve a lot of traveling, and hence, the apartment is more like a pied-à-terre for the couple.

Uma Thurman Gramercy Park

#4 Uma Thurman

The Kill Bill actress swooped up an apartment on the eighth floor of 1 Lexington Avenue (also known as 49 Gramercy Park East) last year, paying $1.55 million for the one-bedroom home. This wasn’t her first time in the building though—Thurman had previously lived at this address when she was married to actor Ethan Hawke.

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list, and it’s interesting to note that Gramercy Park has had several famous residents in the past as well. From fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld, to the inventor of electricity, Thomas Edison, many famous faces have lived in this neighborhood, all of whom have been testaments to Gramercy Park’s illustrious history.