Best Coffee Shops in the Garment District

Best Coffee Shops in the Garment District

Stretching from 34th Street to 42nd Street between Fifth and Ninth Avenues, the Garment District occupies a very small section of Midtown Manhattan, and New Yorkers often complain that there aren’t any good coffee shops to be found in this neighborhood. But that is not really true—because hidden amidst the fabric shops and the chain restaurants that populate the Garment District are some really good coffee establishments—you just need to look a little harder for them!

Here, in our continuing series to find all of the best cafes in Manhattan, are some of the finest coffee shops one can find in the Garment District:

Culture Espresso Bar in Midtown Manhattan

Culture Espresso Bar | 72 West 38th Street

Culture Espresso Bar gets top billing on our list simply because this place is so much more than just a coffee shop. With an ambience that feels more like a classy art gallery than a café, Culture Espresso Bar offers a range of delightful coffee concoctions that should be sipped along with some of the very tasty baked confections they have on offer here. Pleasant and airy, Culture Espresso Bar also boasts of a rotating art and photography exhibit within their premises as well.

Buongiorno Espresso Bar

Buongiorno Espresso Bar | 502 Ninth Avenue

Buongiorno—which is Italian for “good morning”—proudly claims that one sip of their coffee will make your day instantly brighter, and yes, we agree with that statement. Besides some excellent, strong coffee, this place also offers a number of scrumptious homemade pastries. (Their custard tarts have been claimed to be “out of this world.”) So if you’re looking for some authentic Italian coffee served in a cozy, homely setting, Buongiorno Espresso Bar is the place for you.

Empire Coffee & Tea Co.

Empire Coffee & Tea Co. | 568 Ninth Avenue

As a coffee shop that’s been in this neighborhood since 1808, Empire Coffee & Tea is known for its tradition of serving amazing coffee at remarkably good prices. There are a number of delicious brews served here, and customers can also buy coffee beans to take back to their homes.  Empire Coffee & Tea Co. is particularly famous for its hospitality, and customers here can therefore be assured of both fine coffee and great service at this charming Midtown establishment.

Ramini Espresso Bar & Café

Ramini Espresso Bar & Café | 265 West 37th Street

This particular coffee shop may be a little hard to find, but Ramini Espresso Bar & Café is certainly worth the time you take to find it. The coffee here is known for its strong flavor, and they also serve some very colorful (and tasty) macaroons. Fresh juices and baked pastries are also on offer here, but it does seem that it is Ramini’s coffee that gets people into this shop every morning, despite the fact that there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise located right next to this tiny store.

Do you know of any other coffee shops in the Garment District that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below. Also check out our earlier posts on the best cafés one can find in Downtown Manhattan, Soho, Gramercy Park and the Financial District by clicking here.