Get Your Wallet Ready For The Fashion District

Manhattan's Garment District at Night

Once the world’s fashion center, the Garment District has lost its number one place but it still enjoys its number one place in the heart of New-Yorkers since it is home to the majority of showrooms and to numerous major fashion labels. 

This tiny district will make your head spin with its tremendous shopping options. You probably won’t know where to start, but fear not fashionistas... New York has it all planned for you. A selection of the best shopping tours is here. 

Salinas Chelsea

  The Garment District Diva Trek is a four hours tour that will take you to the best designer stores. You will be escorted by a personal shopper here to advise you on all the new trends and who will also take you to private wholesale showrooms that are not open to the public. Hopefully certain shops on the tour offer retail prices but even those will hurt your wallet.

As far as the shop-Gotham tour is concerned, it will unravel New-York’s best-kept shopping secret for you. It will give you access to only-designer showroom that are both household and emerging names. The tour lasts three hours and has a maximum of twelve persons which allow for your guide to be totally devoted to each one of its shopper and give precise advice. 

If you look for textile, the Paula Nadelstern is made for you. The fabric shops are overfilled with the most uncommon species that you did not even dare to dream of: vinyl, metallic, cotton from Indonesia and Africa, cashmere coats, dupioni silk, and even more... Just don’t be afraid of the mess. In addition you will have the privilege

 to visit ribbon stores, as well as a myriad of store options for 

trimmings, buttons, embroidery, beads, etc. Go try your luck, stay open-minded and expect to come back home with something you did not plan on. 

So whether you are a New-Yorker and still want to discover your city’s secret or a visitor with money to spend; whether these shops are in your usual price range or if they are a special treat, it does not really matter... The fashion gurus are available and always ready to make each one of us look a little more like the New York elite.